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computer won't turn off!!!

Guest chally

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for about four months i have not have been able to turn off my pc in the usual way, what i have to do is to press and hold the on/off button for 5-6 seconds! as you could imagine this is really pis*^%ng me off! (sorry for the language but i am on the hunt for somebody to help me sort this problem out!.

I think there might be a link with the NTL Modem because 99% of the time when i remove the power from this unit my pc turns off as normal, but when i leave it plugged in and turn off in the normal manor it shuts down and then after approx 5-6 seconds the damn thing starts back up on its own!!

Please help


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if what aRTee suggested doesn't work, look into power management issues.


go to Mandrake Control Center->system->services & see if any of the following are running/set to start at boot..........






if they are, try disabling them one at a time & see if you can power down as normal. if that doesn't help, look at your "append=........" line in /etc/lilo.conf for an acpi entry. if it says acpi=on or acpi=ht, change it to acpi=off. here's what mine looks like for an example..........






append="devfs=nomount splash=silent acpi=off resume=/dev/hda11"




if you change that entry, make sure you run lilo to save the changes. to do so, in terminal as root do the following..........


lilo -v


hit enter.



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