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Installed Software command


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When an RPM is installed, doed it ever show up in the gnome menu automaticly like in windose?


How do I know what the command to start it is?


For example I installed "mp3info" and "units" off the MDK 10.1 offical release CDs but I cannot find the software in the Gnome menu... so I assume that they are started from the command line...fine but typing "units" or "mp3info" at the root dir does nothing?????


Thanks agian...


(I look forward to the day when I know enough to help others with their enquiries :D )

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it has been a time since I used Mandrake, but you could go to the remove-software-part of the control center and ask maximal-info about the packages you installed.


There you can see which files were installed. You could also do a "locate mp3info", ...


On the commandline there si a command "urpmi.query ..." or something with which you can query (installed) packages.


Look at files that are installed in a "bin"-directory and try to execute them on the commandline.


I suppose that if a program has no gui, it won't show up in the menu or maybe it is a kde program, then mayeb ti won't show up in the gnome menu. You can use the menu-editor to change this locally/globally.


Hopes this helps some,



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packages will only add menu entries if they are compiled to do so by the developer & only if they have a gui interface to go with them.


Units is a command line only app. it won't add a menu entry & you can't add one. see man units for the multitude of uses for it. i can't even begin to comprehend it, myself. :D


mp3info, on the other hand, has a GUI interface, but it's not compiled to add a menu entry. to run mp3info from command in GUI mode, type........... gmp3info (hit enter).


to add a menu entry for it, right click kicker->menu editor. choose a location in the left tree panel where you want to put the shortcut, then click "add application" at the top. name it, choose an icon, & put in the execute command/path. the correct path for this would be /usr/bin/gmp3info. click "save" when done. you might need to restart KDE for the entry to show.


you can use the same method to add any app the menu.



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make the shortcut on the desktop and drag it to applications:/// in nautilus. Or try putting it in ~/.gnome2/apps-mdk/wherever_you_want_it


which units

will show you



which mp3info

will show you



however thats not the gui so

[root@localhost root]# rpm -ql mp3info | grep bin
[root@localhost root]#


leaving off | grep bin will show you where all the files of the rpm are installed.

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"packages will only add menu entries if they are compiled to do so by the developer & only if they have a gui interface to go with them."


Not *quite* true, MDK does add menu entries for some apps which seem to merit them but aren't shipped with one. But you're mostly right, in that Mandrake make decisions about what goes on the menu. Neither of these apps gets a menu entry. If you just run mp3info nothing useful happens - it's a little console tool that need arguments to do anything useful. If you just run 'units' you can use it, but it's a console app not a gui, so the policy is not to put it in the menu.


units is amazingly useful, it has just about every unit - scientific, engineering, domestic, *everything* - known to man programmed into it. Just reading /usr/share/units.dat (the file that contains the actual units) is absolutely worth spending an afternoon doing, it's an education in itself (it's excellently commented). One thing I've found units invaluable for is cookery, especially when using American recipes with quantities specified in cups - these can't be converted to proper weights easily because a cup of chocolate has a completely different weight from a cup of, say, flour. units has the correct weight for a cup of just about *anything* programmed into it, which is brilliant.

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