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Anyone experience with Qemu?

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I recently fell onto a webpage mentioning Qemu, which seems to be an Open Source alternative to VMWare. See:

Qemu homepage


The FreeOSZoo homepage that provides premade Qemu OS images


For the moment I have quite little time. If I would receive confirmation that this is a decent solution that is manageable for a non-geek, I would install it to compare it with with VMWare on my Windoze lappy, but also use it to ditch my dual boot on my desktop for a Mandrake only boot with Windoze in Qemu for the games of the kids.


Does anyone have any experience with it?

Difficult to use?

Does it perform well?


Anyone a clue why there is so little talk about it, while at first sight this looks like a viable alternative for VMWare that is discussed quite often as a very good solution but too expensive?





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I have just started using it. So far I have got it to run WIn98 on Mandrake 10.0. I have a few small problems but otherwise it runs fine but a little slow.

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