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display freezes during Setup [newbie]

Guest topfenbaecker

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Guest topfenbaecker


Hi all,


when trying to setup mandrake 10.0, everything goes fine until i try to config my display. i can make a test of display settings, and when i select yes, the display goes blank. and that''s it. All is left is a message from my monitor that the rate are ouf of sync, if i rembember it well.


Any tips, please? I'm really sick of m$



msi 6380, 512 mb, athlon 1400c

Ati radeon vivo 64 mb ddr

display: iiyama AS4821DT (tft)


Thanks a lot

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from what i understand, ATI cards can be finicky, to put it mildly. have you tried selecting various drivers? if not, try different ATI compatable drivers from the driver selection list. the one's MDK "guesses" should work best with your card, don't always neccessarily work "best". when you get one that allows the test screen to show, you should be ok.


for instance, on my old computer i have an ATI Rage Pro 64 card. MDK wants to use Rage Pro drivers, but they don't work. i had to use ATI (Utah) drivers. (whatever Utah means?!)



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