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Weird looking install [SOLVED]


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Its me again! I have a comment and a question. First the question.


I booted from the CD and hit "Enter" to install, as I was supposed to. I didn't change any of the install modes. The documentation at mandrake.org walks you throught the install process showing nice dialog boxes with options and other nice GUI things. During my install, I got some DOS looking dialoge boxes that I had to TAB through and hit the space bar to make selections. Also, at some points, like during the partitioning part, I would get off centered lines of text, which looked like they were lines from the logs, and other random text scattered in the screen. The only nice pretty screen I got was the initial splash screen to start the install. Any idea what that was all about?


Now the comment. I had a little 3Gig HD. I used half for Widows ME and was going to use the other half for Mandrake. Evidently 1.5 GIG is not enough for Mandrake. Is that correct? Or, did I do something wrong in the install? I tried several different scenarios. Either way, its not that inportant other than for my own knowledge. I replaced it with a 10gig and it is installing as I type. By the way, I just realized my comment has become a question!



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Yep, I restarted the install several times and always the same thing. It all seems to work eventhough it doesn't look right. I am using an old Penttium 200mhz computer with AT motherboard and PCI video. I thought maybe it defaulted to a low graphics mode because it detected an antiquated video. But, it seems odd that the initial install screen was hi-res and looked fine.


So far I told the installer to use the unused space from the Windows partition. I told it to save 5 gigs for Windows and use the other 5 for Mandrake. Everything is workind so far.


I'm curious about the install GUI though. And yes, I am booting off CD 1.



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you could press F1 at the splash screen of the cd1 install boot and type

linux vgalo


linux text (for text install)



I installed ML-10.?....sheesh I don't remember what version :lol2: ....it's still there though. It's my rescue install and it's 300MB. It's a matter of doing an expert install and choosing 'Individual Package Selection' during the package install portion of the install and deselecting stuff. But, no, 1.5 isn't enough for a default install.

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Ok, now I got to the part where you set up the video. I selected the monitor resolution, video card and other settings. I went to test the settings to see if they worked and I got a blue screen with white crosshairs. I could move the crosshairs around with the mouse, but there was no option to continue or next or anything. I hit every key on the keyboard and nothing would get me out of the screen. Finally, I rebooted the computer and after some initialization, I got the login prompt for Mandrake. Can someone tell me what happend? :unsure:

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Sure thing:


-I just upgraded to 96 megs ram. 2 DIMM's one 32 meg, not sure of manufacturer, the other 64 meg Viking stick.


-Just upgraded to a Quasar 10 gig hard drive from a 3 gig Fuji.


-PCI video, the manufacturer is Jastor with Trident chip. The card type was automatically detected during the video setup.


-ISA 56k modem that I'm not using and can remove if you think it might be a problem. I remember reading that there is incompatibility issues with Winmodems.


-PCI Audio. Don't know manufacturer.


-PCI PS/2 mouse card. Not sure of manufacturer


-AT motherboard, Pentium with MMX at 200 mhz


-PS/2 mouse with AT keyboard


-I made the 10 gig hard drive one primary partition on which I installed Windows ME first. After, I installed Mandrake 10.0 telling it to use free space to create another partition for Mandrake. I instructed the installer to keep 5 gig for Windows so that it could use the other 5 gig for itself.


There's 2 serial ports. I noticed that one of the ports was disconnected from the motherboard so I reconnected it. I assumed that I accidently unseated it, but perhaps it was supposed to be disconnected. That wouldn't really make sence, but I suppose its possible. It is an old system with turbo switch and all!


There is one other thing I want to try that I will post on after doing so. I had burned 3 CD's of CD1. The first one must have been a bad burn because it was all f***ed up. The second one, the one I used for this install, seemed to work except for what I have been posting about. The 3rd CD I burned at a slower speed, but I haven't tried that one yet. I read that if you burn the ISO's at a slow speed, it burns better. I will uninstall the install I have now and try again with that CD and see if I get the same results.

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AH YES SpikeyKlitske! You have reminded me. I did watch the logs during an install and I do remember seeing, towards the beginning of the install, a message about starting a server and then saying it failed. I had completely forgotten about that until you just mentioned it. Thanks!


I'm not positive if it was the X Server that failed, but that would make sence and would explain why I got the DOS style GUI. I will review those logs and post them later today when I am by my computer. Also, if necessary, I will try to get some more specifics about my hardware.


Assuming that is the problem, what would make it fail? I do have another old PCI video card that I could try, but have no idea who the manufaturer is. Other than that, I have an AGP ATI 7500 video card, but that will do no good because the motherboard doesn't even have an AGP slot.

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Hello again. I don't have much time, but I took a second to look at what server was dying in the log. It said:


Trying with server driver: fbdey

Server died

Starting step 'selectLanguage'


This is where I get the DOS style box asking me to select the language, when I should be getting the fancy looking one in the docs. I'm not sure what the message means, but it doesn't look good.


Also, I looked at the kernel log and I saw a warning. Something about a time out, I think, and recommended using e2fsck. I'm not sure if that is useful, but there it is. I will post more when I get back. I hope that might help.


Thanks! :unsure:

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