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Doom III Linux version tweaking guide


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If you haven't reported this as a bug already, maybe you should... The dude who ported the game is in #icculus.org on freenode somethimes.

I would, but I'm not sure if it is really a bug. All I can say is, 'It ran faster and more smoothly in Cedega.' And that's about it. The game is working in Linux, and working "well" - it's just slow and choppy and I have to run it at a lower resolution.

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I'm not sure it could be related to the driver, since the same game works just fine in WineX. Yes, I still call it WineX. SoulSe, I'm not that familiar with the game, but does it use Direct3D or OpenGL in Windows/WineX? Also, could you test them both out with the sound disabled? It could be the something relating to sound support built into the Linux client.

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