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Help needed with creation of GUI.

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Hi everybody,


I would like to release a GUI for mklivecd, a command line utility to create your own livecd from a Mandrake.


I am in the process of writing shell scripts (involving the 'dialog' command) for that but idealy I would like to have a GUI interface.


I don't know anything about programming apart from my few attempts at shell scripting (see in this forum) but am eager to learn and would like to code this program.


It shouldn't be too difficult, but I don't really know how to pass the values from the GUI to the command line and get feedback from the command line.


Ideally I would like to have the following:


1. Choice of kernels

2. CHoice of looptype (automatically selected with the kernel)

3. Progress bar (% are fine, don't really need the time to completion)


I would prefer to do it with GTK (using Glade for instance) rather than with Qt since I prefer GNOME (since 2.6) to KDE. But a KDE interface would be OK I suppose.


I plan to code on interface with Kaptain but I am not sure that it can display the output of the command in the GUI which is my primary concern. If anybody knows how to do that with Kaptain, then I'll go with Kaptain since it seems more approachable for someone of my level.


Just so that you have an idea of what i am aiming for, I attach the script I have written for that purpose. It uses the dialog command.


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Hi Frederick,


I can't help you with this project, and if you can't find someone else here, i'd suggest that you join the livecd-users mailing list and ask there.

And don't you think it would be fine to make your project a part of the mklivecd project?


The developer Jaco Greef resigned officially some weeks ago, in-officially he stopped already in february, I believe Tom Kelly is continuing the work, but I am not sure if the project in the future will be based on Mandrake. As far as I can see, since months it's only maintained for PCLinuxOS. I regret this, because Mandrake and PCLOS are in the meantime so different that it is almost impossible, at least for me, to play with the script on Mandrake 10.1, it was already hard to get a working iso on 10.0.


Good luck!

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Yes, I was thinking of sending it to them, as a sort of thank you for the nice piece of software they wrote.


I will send it to them and hopefully, we can work towards continuing the livecd support for Mandrake.

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