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Fscking Gateway BIOS


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This system is a 1.2 Athlon running on a VIA chipset. Unfortunately it has a nasty Gateway BIOS (and they are no help at all if you don't run windows) which must be upgraded. Currently it does not havean option to turn off P'n'P. Seriously. My thought is that P'n'P is "always on" in a Gateway system. Does anyone know much about this - or if trying to upgrade it (if I can even find an upgrade) is plausible?

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did you get any kind of Disk with the computer? (a Gateway tools disk, a driver disk, a utilities disk, etc.). if you did, i have a friend that ran into the same prob with a Gateway. there was a batch file on one of his discs he had, that when run could turn on/off PNP in the BIOS. it was called something like pnpdsable.bat. might be worth a look.


or, if you know what you're doing (or have a manual) you could open the case & try resetting the dip switches/pins.



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I know enough about what I am doing - trouble is there are NO switches or pins on the thing to reset the BIOS. Painful I know. I could always try removing and reinstalling the battery as well I guess. Or pulling the BIOS chip itself.


The disks will be here somewhere, but of course with only Linux on the system I have little chance of running an MSDOS batch file. Unless I can somehow get it to work under Wine or Dosbox.



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