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a program like microsoft agent?

Guest zipjay

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Is it that cartoon program? Where it's like you and a friend talking to each other and then what you type comes in little bubbles and you can animate all the cartoons etc? If that's it I haven't used something like that in over 3 years when I had my windows 98 machine. If so then I don't know such a thing for Linux, there probably is something out there like that.



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Guest bubblemower

The MS Agents are programable characters you can use on Windows.


If you have access to a Windows system download this script code into a text file and save it as something.vbs and you'll see the Wizard character (installed by default on all Windows system since the release of IE4.0 I think).


'The date ...
dayOfWeek = WeekDayName(Weekday(Now()))
monthOfYear = MonthName(Month(Now()))
dayOfMonth = Day(Now())
thisYear = Year(Now())
dayofMonthExtension = "th"

If dayofMonth = (1 Or 2 Or 3 Or 21 or 22 or 23) Then
  If dayofMonth = (1 Or 21 Or 31) Then
     dayofMonthExtension = "st"
     Else If dayofMonth = (2 Or 22) Then
        dayofMonthExtension = "nd"
        Else If dayofMonth = (3 Or 23) Then
             dayofMonthExtension = "rd"
        End If
     End If
  End If
End If

theDate = "Today is " & dayOfWeek & ": " _
& monthOfYear & " " & dayOfMonth _
& dayofMonthExtension & ", " & thisYear _
& ". Have a nice day."

'Talking Character
Set fig1 = Activate("Merlin")
fig1.Speak("Hello, Did you miss me?")
WScript.Sleep 25000

Function Activate(figur)

Dim Path, AgentControl, fig1, fso, Wshshell, fileLocation, winFldrName, winFldr
Const WindowsFolder = 0

Set wshshell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Set fso = WScript.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set winFldr = fso.getSpecialFolder(WindowsFolder)
winFldrName = winFldr.Path
fileLocation = winFldrName & "\MSAGENT\CHARS\" & figur & ".ACS"
'If the character isn't there it gets installed
If (Not fso.fileExists(fileLocation)) Then
 Wshshell.run("\\resnt\public\hvs_bbs\agent\" & figur & ".EXE")
 WScript.Sleep 3000	
End If
Path = "%WINDIR%\MSAGENT\CHARS\" & figur & ".ACS"
Set AgentControl = WScript.CreateObject("Agent.Control.1", "event_")
If IsObject(AgentControl) Then AgentControl.Connected = True
Path = wshshell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings(Path)
AgentControl.Characters.Load figur, Path
Set Activate = AgentControl.Characters(figur)

End Function

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What the heck was that? Little wizard popped up and said "did you miss me?" and goes away. What's that good for?




Hehe, I found what it's good for. I changed the script so that he says "This Windows machine sucks. Can someone help me get into a real OS?"


I just can't stop clicking him now :D

Edited by kmc77
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