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2.6.3-16mdk-i686-up-4GB and Nvidia

Guest Don Jupp

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Thanks :)


Now I've installed Xorg(v. 6.8), how do I make sure it's Xorg and not XF86config is running? Is it now save to delete XF86Config and how do I do it.


I checked Xorg and the setup is identical with XG86Config.

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yes, the xorg.conf file will be a carbon copy of XF86Config-4. in fact, if you look at xorg.conf, check to see if it's symlinked to your XF86Conf-4 file. it probably is. from what i was told & understand, when you boot, it will try to start X in the following order..........


1: XF86Config-4


if that's not availabe.......


2: XF86Config


if that's not available............


3: xorg.conf


so, if you want to use xorg exclusively, rename (don't delete) the following files thusly........ XF86Config-4~ & XF86Config~. then, reboot and it will use the xorg configuration. reason i said rename instead of delete is because it's just a failsafe in case your X fails to start for some reason, you can always go back & remove the ~ to make it bootable. once you've rebooted & are happy with xorg, then feel free to delete the XF86 files if you wish.



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