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Gimp for Windows: font related crash fixed


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Good news!


GIMP-2.0.2 Win32 package is now bundled with GTK-2.4.1 + Pango 1.4.


Many users who encountered font handling or crashing issue should be able to use Gimp 2.0.2 on Windows now.


Grab it at the usual place:




Windows version:


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Ok, I have tried the "separate" plugin, it works OK.


The "sRGB Color Space Profile" is only available from the Gimp 1.2 version, so I have to download both 1.2 and 2.0 versions of that plugin to have it work all together.


The steps to perform CYMK separation is like this:

Image Window: Image > Separate > Separate (to Colour)


I can tell the difference in color output on the monitor.

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For the Windows version of GTK-2.4, do not install the Wimp theme or it will mess up your internationalization interface (square box instead of the font in your system language).


Update: Here's my note on installing Gimp-2.0 for Windows:


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