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I haven't had time to figure it all out, but i have found several links to work with.




Good link


Converting MAC icons to Linux


You need some tools:


Stuffit 4 Linux



More links






Some icon links






And I know :bvc: has all types of cool icon links.


Have fun with it!

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the google master strikes again :headbang:


thx 4 all the great stuff!

you have the 2 main icon sites. I do have.....searching the forum and looking for them :unsure:


here's one



I'll have to tackle this stuff later!


If you have .ico's.....gthumb and Xnview will batch/convert ;)



Now, google master......how about .icl libraries? I can't find a batch way of doing that in linux....Xnview reads them but its nconvert only wants to to read/do one at a time. If we could more easily get into/convert .icl, we'd have most of these


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searching the forum and looking for them :unsure:

I can't find it......the post was someone that 'lost there icons'...mac icons and wanted to know where they could finds some.....I, and others had some good one's in there....iphitus put a link to his tarball...I can't find it....anyone?

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