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What's the difference between upgrade and upgrade packages?

Guest demoniko

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Beginning with 8.2, Mandrake introduced this split and because of other problems, "upgrade packages" did not AFAIK, get much use and consequently, discussion. In the Installation and UserGuide "upgrading" is described as upgrading an existing system keeping partitions and USER settings unchanged (my caps) while "upgrading packages only" leaves the SYSTEM (my caps) settings unchanged as well.


If you are thinking of doing this with 9.0, I would suggest you not use either. The reason is that Mandrake has upgraded the compiler from 2.96 to 3.10 (I think the "0" is correct). What is more important that the libraries, in particular, GCC are used by many programs as you use them and it is not compatible with that in 8.2. 9.0 is a major upgrade and you should preserve your /home partition unchanged and repartition and complete the install in the expert mode. If you do not have a separate /home partition, you can make one now and preserve your user settings as any fixes and upgrades are released. This is the last Mandrake package to be released on a six month cycle so system upgrades are a likely possibility over the next year. If you do not have the Installation and User Guide, wait a few days for Mandrake to get everything for 9.0 lined up and look for it here: http://www.linux-mandrake.com/en/fdoc.php3. It is not there yet.



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Guest Steve Spears

Actually, I went from 8.2 to 9.0 via the Upgrade packages only and everything is fine. Everything works, no sign of trouble.


I would say that as long as you have everything backed up, go for it. Your milage may vary, but I had a lot of success with it.


The curious thing is that I went back and did and official upgrade after a few hours of the Upgrade Packages just to see what would happen. I guess it upgraded the rest that hadn't (kernel maybe) and still looking good!





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I think, "upgrade" will change all settings, not only the installed packages, it is like installing over the old system...


"only packages" looks for installed packages and changes them.

Not a good idea, if you got something installed by source or from another rpm-source, because dependencies may be changing after update...

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