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Regular Expressions

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I've been reading how-tos on regular expressions but haven't figured this out... hasn't clicked. I want to build a regular expression that does the following..


1. case-insensitive

2. Finds the following pattern




where * is anything, characters or spaces, tabs whatever..


Any propeller heads out there?


Additionally, an extra would be to take the same but the match would have to be any match










I'm using a company search engine so it has to be a regex, so it can't be linux specific..



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just wait for the resident bash nut to appear and you will get your fill of a thousand ways to do your search. :D


kidding aside, wont "para.*()" do? i dont know about the sensitivity issue though. i havent gone that deep yet.



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Your first example worked, however, it brought up various lines such as


a = "parameter: " + somefunction()


Maybe regular expressions can't do it? Wish I had more time to figure this but if anyone has any more input please add here. Most coders I know are familiar with regex but don't really know it in/out..

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You may have to do




I dunno about case-insensitivity, though...maybe





doesnt \(\) have a special meaning in regular expressions? aru taught me that those symbols keeps the matched characters inside. its so useful that i have created a wiki for it. B)



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