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Stupid Lexmark Printer


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Ok, I've seen plenty of Lexmark threads floating around the board, but I haven't seen any Z705 ones yet, so here it is.


Actually, I had this printer working in MDK 9.2 but with my upgrade to 10.0 CE it is dead again. It still appears on my printer list, but MDK won't auto detect it, and if I manually configure it, it still doesn't work. I've looked around for maybe an upgraded driver, but can't find one.


If anyone has any input on this, I'd really appreciate it.

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Guest pgk3734

My jaws are tight about this Lexmark printer that I have, too. (x6150) I would hope that

if enough of us emailed their support dept. we may someday get results. I did get a reply

from them since I told him that my son has more than 20 computers and uses Lexmark and

wants to eventually go Linux. When will they wake up and help out our developers? :angry::angry:

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I'm considering bringing my epson home from the office, and taking the Lexmark to work (MS comps). I guess that'll be the easiest fix. I hate that because I print so much at work. While I can find epson print cartridges for $4 each, the cheapest Lexmark cartridges that I can find are $32. Oh well, I really need my home comp to print. Guess I'll have to suck it up or go buy another epson.

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I'll have to post that info later, when I"m in front of my Linux machine.


The printer was actually working untill I upgraded to 10.0 CE. It carried all of the settings over, except without the "work"part :D . Anyway, when I realized that It wasn't working, I deleted the printer from my printer list. I have still have the Lexmark Z700 option when installing printer, but MDK doesn't recognize my printer on that (or any) USB port. Even when I manualy set the printer up and direct it to the right USB port.


I'll take a look as the settings a little later and post them here.

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