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HW-02: Using Hauppauge WinTV PVR with Mandrake 10

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HW-02: Using Hauppauge WinTV PVR250/350 with Mandrake 10



As I having nothing else to do today I decided to write a little HOWTO install the ivtv driver used by the Hauppauge WinTV PVR250/350 tv-cards.


Getting a new kernel


First, I found that I could not change channels when I had compiled the ivtv driver using the standard Mandrake 10.0 2.6.3-4mdk kernel so we need the 2.6.4 (that's the one I used). In Contrib we find the 2.6.4-1.tmb.6mdk kernel (you may see another but it shouldn't matter) and that's the one we are going to use. Download the kernel-source with urpmi. (I'll assume you know how to compile a kernel. There is one important thing. The ivtv driver actually comes with this kernel but it didn't work form me. Make sure you don't build it when you compile the kernel).


You can find more information about compiling and installing kernels here.


Getting the "ivtv" driver and firmware


Second, we now need the driver. You can download it from the ivtv website. Make sure you download 0.1.10pre2. Untar the source and change to the 'utils' folder.


Third, we need the firmware. With 'wget http://hauppauge.lightpath.net/software/pv..._21288.exe' you can download it. Login as root and with './ivtvfwextract.pl pvr250_17_21288.exe' we install it. Now cd to the 'driver' folder.


Building and installing the driver


Fourth, we have to build the driver. First make sure we are using the correct Makefile by 'mv Makefile2.6 Makefile'. Login as root and give 'make'. You'll see the driver getting build probably with a few errors. Ignore them :).


Fifth, install the driver by 'make install' (still logged in as root).


Sixth and seventh, load the drivers by 'modprobe ivtv' (it didn't work for me so I'll assume it won't work for you either. To make sure do a 'modprobe r ivtv' and try again with 'make reload' (still in the drivers folder logged in as root). Test if it works by a 'cat /dev/video(0)'.


If you see a lot of funny things happening it works. If you get an error message post it and I'll try to help you. :) Hope you could use some of my advice.


To watch TV I advise Freevo (Tvtime, Xawtv don't work with this driver).


Maybe I'll write another HOWTO about getting Freevo to work.

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