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HW-03: Lucent Winmodem drivers mdk10 Kernel 2.6

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HW-03: Lucent Winmodem drivers mdk10 Kernel 2.6


Some of you may use a Lucent Winmodem like I do with Mandrake. When I used Mandrake 9.2 I would just grab an RPM for Kernel 2.4 here or here and they installed with ease.


However, when I installed Mandrake 10 Official with Kernel, I couldn't find any RPMs that worked with a 2.6 kernel! I finally found this page which had source I could use here. But as a newbie, how could I do it? I had compiled programs from source before, but this wasn't working! I would receive an error when I tried to compile. So I asked for help and received some excellent advice which I followed and found to work without problems! Hooray! Thanks to Tormented's post in this thread on linuxquestions.org (from which I will now quote), here are the step by step instructions:




Get this file before you begin, it's what you'll compile using the instructions below. I copied it into /root/ and it compiled correctly, otherwise in other directories it gave an error. Of course you need to extract the contents of the file before you begin. :)


** Quote begin: **


1. Make sure you have the kernel-source rpm installed.


2. Edit the modem driver's Makefile and change:


KERNEL_DIR := /usr/src/linux-2.6/


KERNEL_DIR := /usr/src/linux/


3. Become root and type make.


4. Type the following commands:


mkdir /lib/modules/`uname -r`/other
cp -v *.ko /lib/modules/`uname -r`/other
mknod --mode=0640 /dev/ttyLT0 b 62 64
depmod -a
modprobe ltserial
ln -vs /dev/ttySLT0 /dev/modem


5. Add these lines to /etc/modprobe.conf


install winmodem /sbin/modprobe ltserial
alias /dev/modem ltserial
alias char-major-62 ltserial
alias /dev/tts/LT0 ltserial[/color]


6. Add this to the end of /etc/modprobe.preload




** Quote End **


After all the above I rebooted my system (even though I may not have needed to, I did it anyway) and installed KPPP. When I ran KPPP my modem was found without any problems. I hope this helps some of you Lucent Winmodem users who may be having trouble getting yours to work with Mdk10 and Kernel 2.6.

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