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copying old /home/user files on new install

chris z

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hey all...........


just had thought that i need an answer for..........


in a few weeks i'll have a new computer built. i'm gonna do a fresh install of MDK9.2 on it to get me going. once the install is done & i'm up & running & i know everything works, i was planning on copying my old /home/chris directory over top of the new one i will be creating in the new install. i know all about possible user ID & permissions problems by doing this (got those covered). but....... the question of file systems just occurred to me. on the new install i'm thinking of using Resier exclusively, or a combo of ext3 & Reiser. on my current install my /home is ext2. is it possible, or will there be any problems, with copying the old /home/chris files that are currently ext2 onto a new Reiser or ext3 file system?


awaiting your replies...........



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Copying is the key. The data should be fine, but I have one recommendation. Before you copy, rename your /home/chris/.kde directory to /home/chris/.kde-bak. This way, you can copy select files without experixncing any unusual changes between the distros All of your bookmarks and what-not are preserved. I have encountered differences that caused initial issues otherwise.

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since you stated you're copying across systems (on IRC - not in here ;) ), the easiest thing would be to run an ssh server and use scp


there won't be any problem w/the different filesystems.

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