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Does anyone else know if Mageia is offline at the moment ?. I haven't been able to raise it for about the Past 24 hours or more.

I am wondering if it is in relation to the pending release of Mageia-5 which has been delayed numerous times. I hope it has not gone under. That would be a terrible tragedy.


I am hoping that at worst it is possibly just the servers are temporarily down though some fault or something like that.

Cheers. John.

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I was correct. It was a server problem and Mageia is mostly back on line again. Hooray.


Cheers. John

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And down again. :(

Must be overheating.

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But the magic continues. :)

On air again.

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Hi all, I'm a bit late.


No, I can't see Mageia going away any time soon. While I'm not heavily involved, I do see plenty of bugs getting squashed and lots of hustling in the background. There is a huge amount of work going on for Mageia 5, which is now only a few days away.


The servers have not been the most reliable things, having seen the site disappear a few times. I guess this is the reality of a true community distro vs. a commercial one.


There's also a lot going on in the wider post mandriva world.

Open Mandriva are releasing a Mandrake tribute edition....oh the nostalgia. and they have a viable ARM version also; but it's only cook ATM.

There is a French company on google+ mageia community page talking of releasing PC's with Mageia

PClinuxOS, just by looking over their site and community look to be as strong as ever moving forward.

A German magazine is making Mageia the cover disc (easy linux, I believe)


It's all very exciting times.


i don't think I've anticipated a release as much as I am Mageia 5, it kills a few of my pet bugs, and it'll be great to get a fresh dose of apps again.

Edited by xboxboy

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Well Mageia 5 was rock solid for my home desktop/server box and my business desktop/server box.


Given the warning that kde4 to plazma upgrade was a bit glitchy, I went all out on my home desktop, making copies of / and /home and performing a couple of test upgrades as recommended from init3, and it all went pretty smoothly.

For my business box, given my home test had proven to work several times, I only made a good copy of / and /home in case the upgrade failed. Same deal, booted to runlevel 3 and did the upgrade, only thing I had to reconfigure was my samba users and firewall.


So I have two sweet, Mageia 6 plazma boxes, both upgraded from Mageia 5, ticking along perfectly.


Works already under way for Mageia 7!!!!!

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Exactly the same experiences here. My MSI-laptop (with NVIDIA on board) needed a fresh install to Mageia 6, because re-partitioning was needed in my case.

The older desktop-machine went smoothly through the upgrade-procedure from Mageia 5.

My brothers' laptop i upgraded remotely through a SSL-connection, and also that was no issue.


Now i have Cauldron in VirtualBox, besides openSUSE-Leap and openSUSE-Tumbleed VM's. All of them up-to-date.

Though, it must be said, i had to reinstall Cauldron one more time, after one update-session went miserably wrong when systemd-update hanged and frooze the virtual machine. After reboot i was left with only a grub-prompt.


I also fiddled around with the other desktop-environments, and must say, was pleasantly surprised by XFCE, very neat.


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