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Updates to the Kernel


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The other day I updated the Kernel on my desktop, then my laptop on my Mint 17.1 installs. As I was doing it, I realized that while I keep my system updated all the time, rarely do I update my Kernel. Am I alone in this? I can still remember using the command line in Mandriva, or was it still Mandrake, 9.1 to update my kernel and being worried that I was about to fork my install. Now, in Mint I can simply choose a kernel, apply and reboot to use it. For the average users, how important are the kernel updates?

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When I used Mint, it updates automatically, same as on Ubuntu, as they are the linux-image-x.xx.x-xx-generic (where x.xx.x-xx is the kernel version). Most distros update the kernel automatically when one becomes available. Same happened for me with RHEL/CentOS/Mandriva. With Gentoo it installs with the emerge, but then you have to manually build and compile it.

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