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/dev/dsp is missing!

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I have a 3 sound card setup, and I've succesfully disabled two of 'em in linux by not loading the modules on boot. (more details on THIS topic)


Now the only problem is that my /dev/dsp is missing! That's why I can't get sound output in Enemy Territory for example. Otherwise, sounds work fine in XMMS and Xine. What can I do to get /dev/dsp file present? my /dev/sounds direcory is also empty.


I'm running MDK 10.0 which by the way is awesome!! :thumbs:

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I had loads of problems on sound, see my config page on my site... webcam related, but let's just say in the process of fixing things, I learnt a lot...


Do you at least have /dev/sound and /dev/snd, and can you post the contents of those, with

ls -l /dev/sound


ls -l /dev/snd


What happens if you do

soundwrapper [normal command to start ET]

meaning: precede the command to start ET by the word soundwrapper

(not a solution, too much delay on the audio, even if you set things to minimum delay in KDE control centre - but just to see where your system is at..)



Your system may benefit by following similar steps that I took to get my devices sorted out.


BTW /dev/dsp is just a link to the /dev/sound/dsp device. Or was it /dev/snd/dsp...? Think the former...

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I have the same problem(actually, happened when i tried to config TVcard and on the reboot there is no /dev/dsp).

Here"s what i get:

[root@localhost panos]# ls -l /dev/sound

total 0

crw-------  1 panos audio 14, 3 Jan  1  1970 dsp

crw-------  1 panos audio 14, 0 Jan  1  1970 mixer

[root@localhost panos]# ls -l /dev/snd

ls: /dev/snd: No such file or directory

[root@localhost panos]#

What shall i do now?

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Seems you have to make a link,



(give password)

cd /dev

ln -s sound/dsp dsp

ln -s sound/mixer mixer


and start artsd, to do that open the KDE control centre, then search for sound (left hand side, tab for search), find your way to system sound stuff, switch on the sound server.

Not on my machine, can't tell the exact names/locations.

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No cure with the symlinks u suggested. Things are getting worse, today i rebooted my PC and i lost my network configuration plus the sound, the error msg i got for sound is:

ound server informational message:

Error while initializing the sound driver:

device /dev/dsp can't be opened (Device or resource busy)

The sound server will continue, using the null output device.

I"m getting crazy with this crap called MD 10CE, or it"s a pre-alpha version? :(

i attach also my /etc/modules.conf :

probeall scsi_hostadapter imm ppa

probeall usb-interface usb-uhci

options bttv radio=1 gbuffers=4

alias eth0 3c59x

alias sound-slot-0 i810_audio

Any help is highly appreciated....


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