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    NVIDIA disappearing

    I wonder why sometimes, straight out of the blue, my NVIDIA driver gets lost. Say, I'm in text console and then I run startx, it runs fine, I exit the session, do something on the console again, then run startx....and sometimesit won't start, it only reports erorrs about NVIDIA module. Once it helped to get rid of the <dri> lines in etc/security/blahblahblah.perm file but now the /dev/nvidia* files are missing. It helps every time if I reinstall the driver. But it's then happening again after some time. What's wrong? I'm running MDK 10.0
  2. weird enough, the warning has disappeared now. lol.
  3. I have a 3 sound card setup, and I've succesfully disabled two of 'em in linux by not loading the modules on boot. (more details on THIS topic) Now the only problem is that my /dev/dsp is missing! That's why I can't get sound output in Enemy Territory for example. Otherwise, sounds work fine in XMMS and Xine. What can I do to get /dev/dsp file present? my /dev/sounds direcory is also empty. I'm running MDK 10.0 which by the way is awesome!!
  4. TVH

    Multiple soundcards

    Thanks for your help, the problem is partially solved now. I needed to comment out all lines referring to the two cards in both /etc/modules.conf and /etc/modprobe.conf Now only the SB Live module is loaded on boot and I'm able to control the volumes with any mixer I happen to like at the time :D One problem there still is but I decided to post a new topic for it...
  5. TVH

    Multiple soundcards

    I tried to comment the lines, but it sitll loads all 3 modules on boot!! Here's my /etc/modules.conf modules.conf
  6. don't worry, you are not the only one with this problem. I just installed MDK 10.0 andd I get no sound in ET either.
  7. TVH

    Multiple soundcards

    Hi I have 3 soundcards, VIA 8137 integrated, SB Live!, Terratec 88MT. I want to output all system sounds, games, mp3's videos to the SB Live card. HardDrake detects all the cards fine, but using KMix I can select only the VIA and Terratec cards for mixing, not SB Live at all. The same happens when I try to select my output card in XMMS, I only see the 2 cards. Actually, I have only /dev/dsp and /dev/dsp1 files present. Does anyone what should I do to get it working?? I might want to disable the VIA and Terratec cards (in linux, I need all 3 cards in Windoze) for good and just use the SB Live but I don't know how to do it...
  8. Hello all! I just installed MDK 10.0 and so far it has been absolutely brilliant! On boot, I get warning about UDMA being disabled, how can I configure the modes for my two IDE DVD drives? I have only SATA hard disks, does it affect the performacne of the disks? TIA! TVH
  9. Hi again :) I have currently 2 soundcards (SB Live is normal 4-speaker card and the Terratec has stereo out + 8 in & 8 out breakout box) and the integrated 5.1 chip enabled. I have problems configuring KDE to use the SB Live card. If I put /dev/dspx where x is ANY number, I get error hardware not found or something similiar. I get sound output only if I leave everything to default values and then it's the integrated chip that outputs the sounds. Mandrake loads drivers for every card and there is /dev/dsp0 to dsp2 present. Actually I can use the mixer to control ALL of the cards properly but there's no sound output other than the background hiss :D Any suggestions what to do to be able to choose what card to use for sound output?
  10. Hi, I'm looking for a cost-efficient solution to get SATA RAID working in Mandrake, anyone know is there currently ANY controllers that are supported? All I know is that my VIA 8237 integrated controller does not have driver support for RAID in Linux (other than RH 7.2!! :o ). I have Mandrake 9.2 with Kernel 2.6.0. Many thanks!
  11. I figured this one out...all I had to do was add a file named /fastboot and the next time the system is booted it will skip the disk tests. About the RAID thing, there really seems to be only one option: Wait for the new drivers. Kernel 2.6.0 supports VIA 8237 SATA but not RAID. Now I just tear down my nice and fast RAID 0 setup and try to be comortable with 2 independent discs. At least I can get rid of the _noisy_ IDE disc (Maxtor 7200rpm non-fluid bearing ) B) Many thanks to everyone who helped me here!
  12. Disabling APIC (in BIOS or using noapic option in boot) solved my hdx lost interrupts with SATA RAID drives.
  13. I've now added /dev/hde6 to fstab.conf. I can begin booting now if I type root=/dev/hde6 statement in the lilo boot menu. Now it boots half-way up, but I can't get past fsck... Here's a screenie of the situtation. what to do now?
  14. Yes, the 3112 cooker 10.0 is 2.6.0 but the installer is still running on 2.4.22!! That's why it won't detect my discs any better than the 9.2 installer. :unsure: I'll try editing etc/fstab later on today B)
  15. Ok, After I disabled APIC in BIOS, I get no more lost interrupts! Now the problem is that I can't boot because my installation is on the IDE disk that normally is HDA (IDE primary master). If I enable my SATA discs, Linux assign them as HDA and HDC, SATA primary master and SATA secondary master and my IDE disk becomes HDE. I can choose to boot from the IDE disk in BIOS and it loads lilo fine. It detects my hardware ok, the only problem is that since lilo.conf refers to HDA, it can't boot cuz the actual linux partitions are now in HDE! I tried to add one more selection to the lilo menu that points to HDE, but when I run lilo (in console after making chages to lilo.conf) I get an error that tells there's no such partition and there's no such selection available in the actual boot menu! BTW, the Cooker 10.0 (31.12.2003) installer works on kernel 2.4.22 right??
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