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libstdc++.so.2.10 and a project i should not have started.

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okay, so I found this really cool lookin replacement for the pager in any WM. Its called 3ddesktop




I installed from rpm, and it pisses and moans about not finding



well, I looked on rpmfind.net and could only find a package for PLD distro.

running locate will yield


[ezroller@omniscience ezroller]$ locate libstdc++.so.2.10

[ezroller@omniscience ezroller]$


NOTHING. however


[ezroller@omniscience ezroller]$ locate libstdc++.so





[ezroller@omniscience ezroller]$



I am assuming my version is newer, and I have the latest version of 3ddesktop.

There are no config files for me to edit in 3ddesktop either to point it to this.


anyone know where I should take this?

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Ah glorious success. well, i installed the rpm for the "other" distro and it works!


albeit is slow as all hell...and i mean like S...L....O.....W.


If I can get it working at a normal speed, I think I'm gonna write a how-to for this.

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My ignorance amazes me sometimes. I have never had DRI installed. Well, it is now. now i can play quake at 1024x768 too! Holy Sh*t


only thing is though...glx info gives me an error message now:




[ezroller@omniscience ezroller]$ glxinfo

glxinfo: error while loading shared libraries: libGLU.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

[ezroller@omniscience ezroller]$


do i need to relink something...or something?

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well, it seems as though glxinfo nor this 3ddesktop app know where to find libglu. is there a way to update the path that all thse apps are looking in? glxgears works fine and quake does as well, so i know everything is installed right.


i know for certain


[root@omniscience stuff]# locate libGLU.so.1



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if glx gears and quake work fine then glxinfo should work as well, can't see why it wouldn't.

very strange :!:


Had a look a the man pages but no info there.

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yeah, i dunno where to take this. Since all of my apps are working better than usual, I'm gonna leave it be and come back to it in a few days with a clear head.

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