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Quick question. How can I set windows 7 up so that upon boot it automatically connects/allows access to the samba share? As at the moment each time I boot the machine and open my windows program I need to enter the samba details. I would like to automate this process.

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Thanks Ian.


Well I was able to map the drive so it appears in explorer on reboot. It has a red x in it at first, click on it tehn it connects. So that side of it is fine.


The drama now is in the program I use, when I open the program, then I go to open the file windows security pops up asking for username and password for the samba share. aargh...So close.


Windows security is a flipping nightmare. It seems to only stop the innocent. lol



This program (MYOB) usually asks for administrator rights, so I created a scheduled task that allows it to start on boot with out asking for admin rights. Now, if I allow that 'short cut' that I made with scheduled tasks to be 'run as administrator' in the properties box, I get asked for admin rights, which I allow, then I connects to the samba share without a password. So somehow I need to modify the damn permissions on MYOB to allow all this to occur automatically...argh.

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