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Editing Videos


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Hello all.

Not much action here for a while, I see.


I think I can change that for a little time. :-)


I am using Openshot in Mageia-2 (fully updated).

The video clips are fairly lengthy and I am clipping them and joining up.

The App and system seem to freeze up regularly during the reviewing and clipping stage and I haven't got to the final joining up stage.

The box has 8Gbs of DDR3 memory and what I think is a reasonably fast video card.

Plus it is using an Intel 64Gb SSD as the Root and Home drive and and all HDDs are Sata3.

Is there something I am missing in all this. Note all the video clips are on a HDD in a USB3 Dock.


Is the Video card likely to be inadequate or is it something else.


Any suggestions are welcome.


Cheers. John.

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I think your PC is powerful enough for the task, it's more likely that openshot isn't, after all it's written in python which isn't exactly known to be very fast and efficient.


Maybe try a different video editing software (can't give you any suggestions as I don't do video editing).

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Thanks Tux for your reply. It helps to reinforce my belief that the system was fast and powerful enough.

I am trying some of the alternative apps but frankly they can do far less than Openshot can do. They are so basic that they do pretty much the same as one another.

Openshot seems to be the only one that is more like a full editor where one can do a variety of editing stuff like titling, effects and so on.

So far I seem to have pinned down the reason for my problem being the fact that I was using my HDD in a USB3 dock on my older machine which was using an early USB3 capable mainboard.

I forgot that it was always unreliable when using USB3 so I generally used it in USB2 mode instead and it was always OK.

I am currently using it again in USB2 mode and do not seem to be having any troubles.


Cheers. John.

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There was also cinelerra, although it was advanced, every time I tried it it crashed, but then maybe that was a long time ago when my computer was not so fast. There was another that I used once or twice also, but I forget the name right now.

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