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ATI drivers in 2010.2

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Hello all.

I have recently had to replace my computer (the old one was dying) and so I had a unit built with a Radeon hd 6670 graphics card so that I can play some games I like. I am running 2010.2 powerpack which includes proprietary ATI drivers - as I understand.


I have not been able to configure my system to recognise this graphics card and it always defaults to 'vesa/fglrx' when I try to set it up.


Am I missing something here or should I be downloading the drivers directly from the ATI website?


Any replies welcome

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No, don’t use the driver direct from ATI website: there is an easier way.


In Mandriva Control Center, ensure you have installed the full set of sofware sources, which includes “non-freeâ€. Then configure the graphics card again; the model should be auto-detected. You should be told that a proprietary driver exists, do you want to use it. Answer yes. Then fglrx will be used.


In case it somehow fails, you can try the free driver, called simply “atiâ€.



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Thanks but I have been trying that from the start. When ever I select my model of card from the Vendor - ATI section of the graphics configuration it tells me that 'NO AMD device was detected' which I can't understand.


Now I have another problem. Whenever I minimise windows they just disappear instead of dropping down to the bottom panel like they should. I have searched various linux forums and they all they all say 'right click on bar and select "add to panel"'. This phrase does not appear when I right click down there so does anybody know how to get them back where they were.



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