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  1. Hello all I was recently given an old Presario sr1300an and I have been trying to install Mandriva on it but with little luck. It will accept Mandrake 9.1 ok but nothing later. It will read the core update disc for 2006.1 but not the main iso disc. The disc drive does not seem to even see a disc in the drive (with later distros). But it did reformat and install ok with XP. Is this problem caused because this is an older machine, maybe the iso format has changed since Mandrake days or maybe the bios. Is there any easy way to get it to 'see' the later model discs or am I stuck with 9.1? Any advice is welcome Rowan PS This will be a gift for my sister so it is not super critical but a later distro would be nice - and I have always been a Mandrake/Mandriva fan
  2. Since my last entry I have been trying to install 2010.2 . The installation goes ok but, upon initial boot-up, I am getting what looks like the Mandriva home page. It appears automatically and is not in a browser so I have not been able to close it to get to the normal desktop. I have tried rebooting again but it still appears and no amount of button pushing makes it go away. Does anybody know why it appears automatically, and how to get past it to get to the desktop?? Also how to make it stay away and not reappear upon the next start-up? Thanks Rowan
  3. I have finally had a chance to follow this up and the problem was that I needed a dvd drive - yes the standard drive is only a cd drive. I have installed a dvd unit and it is all good now. The only other bug is that it is very slow but I reckon this is because modern distros are ram hungry and this machine has only 1gb - I will chuck in another gig and that should do it. Thanks for all the advice.
  4. ATI drivers in 2010.2

    Hello all. I have recently had to replace my computer (the old one was dying) and so I had a unit built with a Radeon hd 6670 graphics card so that I can play some games I like. I am running 2010.2 powerpack which includes proprietary ATI drivers - as I understand. I have not been able to configure my system to recognise this graphics card and it always defaults to 'vesa/fglrx' when I try to set it up. Am I missing something here or should I be downloading the drivers directly from the ATI website? Any replies welcome
  5. ATI drivers in 2010.2

    Thanks but I have been trying that from the start. When ever I select my model of card from the Vendor - ATI section of the graphics configuration it tells me that 'NO AMD device was detected' which I can't understand. Now I have another problem. Whenever I minimise windows they just disappear instead of dropping down to the bottom panel like they should. I have searched various linux forums and they all they all say 'right click on bar and select "add to panel"'. This phrase does not appear when I right click down there so does anybody know how to get them back where they were. Help??
  6. Confused system

    Last year I updated to 2010.1 Powerpack and all went well. Recently I noticed, on boot up, that my system says I have 2010.2! I have checked and found that my installed programs are 2010.1 but ALL of my updates are coming through as 2010.2 How is this possible and why is it happening? Also would this cause instability and cause some applications to freeze or shut down unexpectedly? Many thanks
  7. 2009.1 and HP f2480 psc

    I recently had my printer die so, after looking to see what is supposedly currently supported, I bought an HP f2480 all-in-one. I have always had a good run from HP printers. I have not been able to get this new machine to work at all. Has anybody had any success with getting the right hplip version to install and what else I might need to do to get it to play ball? A blow by blow would help. Thanks in anticipation
  8. Installing ATI drivers

    I recently did a complete install of 2009.1 powerpack over 2006 pwp so that everything would be clean and fresh. Generally I like what I have found - it is just different. The one thing that has upset me is that my Radeon 9700 pro graphics card is no longer supported by Mandriva - therefore I am having to run just plain open source drivers (apparently) which just don´t let me play doom3 or quake4. I don´t want to have to go to the trouble of buying a new model graphics card whenmy cureent one is working just fine. When can I download the latest drivers available for my system? I have tried getting them directly from ATI but they give me errors. Cheers [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  9. Installing ATI drivers

    I have had more time to consider my options and have decided that I might upgrade my graphics card and sell my 9700 pro for what I can get for it. But my next thought is that, because I am running an Athlon XP2200 processor, going overboard on a new card will be restricted by my older processor. I have been told that any upgrade of processor wiould need a new motherboard etc because of different designs in layouts etc. Bugger. Time to do more investigating before going further. Cheers
  10. I hope that this is the correct section to post this so here goes. A couple of months ago I had my machine given a check over and it was found that my graphics-card cooling fan was dying. This was replaced but now my card speed is very slow - it varies between 4 and 10 fps on glxgears and is jerky in movement. Is there anything that I can check to try to daignose the problem? I under the impression that graphics cards either go or they don't so it is still working but just very slowly. By the way it is a Radeon 9700 Pro and has never given me any trouble until now. Thanks for any advice. [moved from Software by Greg2]
  11. Graphics speed problems [solved]

    I checked and found that mesa-delos was´t installed so it is in now and my glxgears looks like this: [rowan@localhost ~]$ glxgears 14492 frames in 5.0 seconds = 2898.323 FPS 19859 frames in 5.0 seconds = 3971.718 FPS 19972 frames in 5.0 seconds = 3994.097 FPS 20010 frames in 5.0 seconds = 4001.703 FPS 19961 frames in 5.0 seconds = 3992.007 FPS 20045 frames in 5.0 seconds = 4007.815 FPS 19151 frames in 5.0 seconds = 3820.358 FPS Now none of my games will open but that is a different post. Thanks
  12. Yesterday I upgraded from 2006 powerpack to 2009.1 powerpack and have run into some problems customising it to my liking. It tells me that my trash bin is full and to empty it manually when it is already empty. Is there a fix for this bug available? Some applications are in the ´start´ menu but, when I click on a file, I get the ´KDEInit cound not start *** - no executable found´. Whats the problem there? This only happens if I click on a file and my system chooses the application automatically - if I open the application and then open a fime then all seems to be ok. I reloaded Doom3 and tried to play it to test the new system but have problems. When I was trying to load it in the system seemed to go into dos mode initially - which scares me. Then the game won´t start. I go into the directory where it is and click on it to start but my screen just flickers a couple of times and then ignores me. The taskbar is driving me crazy. So far I have managerd to, accidentally, delete the Start button, minimised screens just vanish altogether, the taskbar has non-resizable sections with only one icon right in the middle and so I am getting just a little ´annoyed´. If there are any simple answers to these problems then I would love to fix them. Cheers
  13. Graphics speed problems [solved]

    I suspected that the problem was software related because I can still play Quake4 at full speed on windows with no hiccups. I have now upgraded to 2009.1 powerpack and everything appears to be back to normal with full speed graphics. I can´t check with glxgears as it tells me ´command not found´. All problems solved.
  14. Graphics speed problems [solved]

    glxgears gives me: [rowan@localhost ~]$ glxgears 38 frames in 5.6 seconds = 6.811 FPS 31 frames in 5.1 seconds = 6.080 FPS 49 frames in 5.0 seconds = 9.776 FPS 49 frames in 5.0 seconds = 9.788 FPS 49 frames in 5.0 seconds = 9.789 FPS 48 frames in 5.1 seconds = 9.447 FPS 19 frames in 5.2 seconds = 3.688 FPS 33 frames in 5.0 seconds = 6.540 FPS I have pulled out the card and checked as far as I can and everything looks ok. The new fan is working. What is strange is that I can play Quake4 in windows perfectly and I am just wondering if it is possible to 'optimise' a graphics card to run better in windows and so bugger up linux?? Any thoughts.
  15. Graphics speed problems [solved]

    The output of cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | grep -i driver is: [rowan@localhost ~]$ cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | grep -i driver Driver "keyboard" Driver "mouse" Driver "fglrx" # === FireGL DDX driver module specific settings === Driver "ati" and fglrxinfo is: [rowan@localhost ~]$ fglrxinfo display: :0.0 screen: 0 OpenGL vendor string: ATI Technologies Inc. OpenGL renderer string: RADEON 9700 PRO Generic OpenGL version string: 2.0.6011 (8.28.8) I am running 2006 Powerpack and the problem was noticed as sson as I got it back from the serviceman. Now that 2009.1 has been released I might look at updating my system - depending upon system requirements.
  16. Key loggers and other hackers

    Hello all. Can any body tell me if there are any key logger type programs available for linux - I am running 2006 power pack ? What about password hackers ? If they are available what should I look for to see if they have been installed on my system? I have no root password on my system. Thanks
  17. Hiding all emails

    Hello all. I suspect that a member of my family is reading my existing emails and I am, of course, becoming somewhat concerned. I am using Thunderbird and I am happy with it. I would like to know if it is possible to input a master password or some such thing that blanks out all my existing mail - inbox, sent, drafts etc - so that the folders appear empty until a master p/w in entered ? Or alternatively won't allow Thunderbird to open at all until the p/w is entered. If this option is not available with Thunderbird is there an alternative mail system that offers this option - Evolution, Opers etc ? I don't want to have to go to the trouble of printing and then deleting my mail. I already have passwords on my incoming mail but there appears to be no way to protect existing mail. Any help will prevent me from becoming completely paranoid.
  18. File size for Gimp2

    I am trying to open a picture in Gimp2 but I am told the 'Plug-In could not open image'. I have previously opened and altered photos of about 200k size but this photo is about 1.5Mb. Is there a size limit for photos in the Gimp2 ? If there is a size limit how can I reduce the size down without losing too much detail ? Cheers ps I am using 2006 powerpack
  19. File size for Gimp2

    What I was meaning is thet kuickshow and showfoto will open the originals in my 'home' folder but not the downloaded pictures. I downloaded 2008 several months ago and installed it - what a BIG mistake. I couldn't even configure the graphics properly. My graphics card is a Radeon 9700 Pro and it's configuration was lumped together with several other 'lesser' models (if I recall correctly). 2006 recognises my card and even asks if I want to cofigure the heads independently as well as other things which is rather good - I do remember thinking, at the time, that it was rather like sending Godzilla over Mount Panorama on HQ Holdes tyres. I did several installs with still no joy so I threw the disc away. I might investigate 2008.1 or whatever is out now in the hope that it is better. In the mean time I will use windows for any photo editing work as that is the only thing that is upseting an other wise ok system.
  20. File size for Gimp2

    I downloaded both the photos that I uploaded and nither of them would open with gimp,showfoto or kuickshow - they both showed the same gimp error: Not a JPEG file: starts with 0x1f 0x8b. Strangely I tried downloading just the thumbnail picture and that worked ok Yes we are talking about the same picture. I have double checked and opened photos taken with another camera and my cellphone with no problems at all so I am at a loss. Maybe it is just that there are problems with some models of camera that just don't seem to work right. Because you were able to open the uploads with gimp I am beginning to suspect that it is just a compatibility problem. There are only four photos that I am trying to edit (for uploading to another forum) so I will just use windows for the job and call it a day. Much thanks for assisting me.
  21. File size for Gimp2

    The photos are being transferred by Konqueror which appears to be the default application. Is there another application that I should be using that might not give this problem ?
  22. File size for Gimp2

    Ok - I have decided to try a different tact. I have used windows to upload the same photo to see if that works. I have been able to crop and reduce the size so maybe it will be ok. Let me know
  23. File size for Gimp2

    The camera in question is an Olympus 790sw model and I am using a usb cable.
  24. File size for Gimp2

    I have checked other photos that are still on the camera concerned, downloaded some to my 'home' directory and all of them gave some sort of error message - some would open ok but still with errors. Others wouldn't open at all although 'properties' show them to all be .jpp format. I am beginning to suspect that it might be a problem with the camera not being compatible some how so I will try do check them in windows in the near future. I think that this episode is now finished. Thanks to all for advice.
  25. File size for Gimp2

    Yhe answer is as follows. /home/rowan/Download/pc070177.jpg: gzip compressed data, from Unix