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idiots guide to grub needed


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Ok, this is a fairly common issue (at least it USED to be) and at one time I knew how to resolve this without thinking about it.


but gosh darn it, my machine has been running so well the last 2 years I have lost my skillz (and my notes)


Something happened yesterday. Dont know what, but in the midst if a network file copy the pc shut down.


reboot, find lots of HD open file errors, repaired and cant login.


Well its tmie to do some other things so I get my MDV 2011.1 x64 dvd load it in and reinstall.


everything goes fine until I reboot and then I get an error (the exact wording of which escapes me), but f memory serves me is about the GRUB installation not being correct.


For me, its an easy mistake to make, I have 8 sata HD's installed 2 PATA's and 4 USB's so sometimes I get 'lost'


Anyway, I know that there used to be a "simple" set of steps that would allow me to boot from Puppy (for example) manually edit the GRUB and then all was well/


Anyone have a list of said steps>?


I dont even mind manually rebuilding the file, I just can NOT remember how.


I know that "dirty" reinstals are frowned on in Linux, but really 200GB would be a lot to have to 'start over)


thanks for all your suggestions.



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