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Fedora 14 [solved]

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I have installed Fedora-14 on a spare HDD.(I did the same with kubuntu, openSuse, Mageia-alpha1 and Mandriva2011-beta2.) It is obviously Gnome oriented but I wanted KDE4 so installed what I thought was the necessary packages for KDE4 including kdm and so on. I cannot find a window manager or suchlike to enable me to select between a gnome and KDE desktop.

I want to see how they all compare but I so far cannot set up fedora with kde to make this comparison.


Did I miss something or is there more to install to be able to do this ???.


Cheers. John.



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You can touch the config files directly, but Fedora used to have a GUI tool as well.

yum install switchdesk-gui

and then you can use it to choose between kdm, gdm, lxdm or probably another login manager.


Or, alternatively:

yum install system-switch-displaymanager

and then from root console

system-switch-displaymanager kdm


Or, finally, always as root:

nano /etc/sysconfig/desktop


add there two lines:




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John, How are you liking or not liking Fedora 14? I've played around with Fedora off and on, as it was Red Hat that got me interested in Linux to begin with. But like my Red Hat experiences, I just never felt it was the distro for me. I used to have a whole list of sites to go to for Fedora help, but I think I finally deleted them as the were getting old. Have you looked @ the dangermouse site (dnmouse.org) for the autoten rpm, which helps install a lot of nice packages.


As far as Unbuntu et al, I never cared for them, but currently I am using Mint and gnome. To my surprise I really like it, I did load the KDE version but went back to gnome. May I suggest it for your next distro hoping experience?

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Thanks Grendal.

I'll have a look at your suggested OSs and will let you know what I experience.

I am mainly trying these different OSs to find which ones besides Kubuntu don't have the USB3 problem that I discuss in an other thread. This is so I can try and pinpoint whether it is the particular kernel or kernels or the OS setup that is to blame.


What I have learned so far is that the MCC (Mandriva Control Centre) is streets ahead of anything in the other OSs. I think the same when comparing Gnome versus the KCC (KDE Control Centre), KCC being way ahead.


Cheers. John.

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