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ok I will admit I have been somewhat sidetracked by my android tab lately, but to miss a new release?


For grins i went to mdv.com and saw 2010.2 was available (of course its taking 3+ days to download it) so I thouht I'd grab a copy.


before I try and do anything stupid (this is my main pc and it WORKS so I dont screw w/ much) I want to ask the world.


Is this anything worth worrying about? shouldnt 2011 be out in a bit?


If I regularly perform updates is it worth using?


I'm tempted to dual boot my sons pc (it needs to be reformatted anyway) but at 4yo I dont want to get HIM too far off track either.


actively seeking input!


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If I regularly perform updates is it worth using?



When updated 2010.1 regulary, you're system should be at 2010.2 right now.

It is no more and no less then an 2010.1 including all updates for it.

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