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keyfuzz question [solved]

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I have an Apple keyboard which does not have a SYSRQ key so that RSEIUB cannot be used to reboot a locked system. In the past with Mandriva 2010.0, I used keyfuzz 0.2 to map the F13 key to SYSRQ with:


### keyfuzz file for i-rocks apple keyboard

# map F13 to SYSRQ

458856 99

# map F14 to Scroll Lock

458857 70

# map F15 to Pause

458858 119


Well, my motherboard died recently and I found another and proceeded with a clean install of Mandriva 2010.1 using kernel #1 SMP. Now keyfuzz no longer works for me and gives the following error:

EVIOCGKEYCODE: Invalid argument


I have never used a server kernel before. Could this be the problem?

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You could always install and try the desktop kernel and see if it makes a difference. But I expect it'll probably still react the same, but you might surprise me :)

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I was able to use keyfuzz in an alternate manner and now SYSRQ has been mapped to F13


echo "458856 99" | keyfuzz -s -d/dev/input/event4



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