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Samba behaves strangely


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Please can somebody help me with this issue?



I have three machines runing Windows and Linux, like this:


1 - Windows 7 and Mandriva 2010.0

2 - Windows XP and OpenSuSE 11.2

3 - Windows 7 and Mandriva 2009.1


I have SAMBA installed and set up in all of them so that all three machines can connect to each other no matter the OS the machine is currently running (they all act as servers by the way). Everything is fine except for one thing: te connection from machine 2 to machine 1 is slow.


If machine 1 is running Mandriva (it only happens when it's running Mandriva, which means the problema must be in SAMBA) and machine 2 is running XP, and I if try to access machine 1 from machine 2, it does work, but it takes like 50 seconds to load. I mean I double click on the machine 1 icon and it takes a lot of time to load. After this wait, I can access the files and folders in machine one without no delay, BUT if I close the window and wait for several minutes, then the next time I try to access machine 1 I have to wait again.


It looks like for some reason there is a timer or something, if I remain inactive for some time, the connection kind of closes and I have to wait again.



Tell me if you need my samba configuration file.



Than kyou

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Are you trying to connect to the machine by hostname or by IP address? Try connecting to machine1 by IP address if you are using hostname, and see if it's faster. If that is the case, then perhaps it's taking so long trying to resolve DNS. Another way to fix that is to add the hostname and IP to the hosts file either under Linux if you are connecting from a Linux machine or in Windows by editing the c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file and adding the hostname and IP of machine1.


The last post here hints at disabling the Web client service under Windows. See if it helps.....



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OK, so let us know how it goes connecting via IP address rather than machine name, and whether adding the machine name to the hosts file helps things any better. I know that service exists, because I've disabled it on Windows XP on my machine at home.

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