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RPM-03: synthesis.hdlist.cz and hdlist.cz

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RPM-03: synthesis.hdlist.cz and hdlist.cz


It seems that many people dont know this but when adding sources to urpmi's list you have two choices.

You can either use a file called hdlist.cz which contains a list of all the rpm files which should be on the mirror. In addition to this it also contains information on these rpms, such as descriptions of the programs and files it contains.

synthesis.hdlist.cz on the other hand is a much slimmer, less bandwidth intensive alternative. If you have dialup access or downloading hdlist.cz just takes too much time for you then synthesis.hdlist.cz is for you. The synthesis also contains info on which rpms should be on the mirror, but is doesn't have other information which saves a lot of space, leading to it's smaller size and hence smaller toll on your bandwidth IN TURN leading to faster download times for our broadband challenged users. whew! That was a mouthful.


The hdlist file usually (relatively) located in the ../base/ directory whereas the synthesis file usually in the same directory as the rpms, i.e. ( ./ relatively speaking). As a matter of fact if you provide no hdlist location when adding urpmi sources, urpmi will automatically attempt to download a synthesis.hdlist.cz file.

One final word of wisdom from our resident sage bvc, if synthesis.hdlist.cz is used urpmf is useless and can not help in resolving rpm dependencies. Google will be all you have left. Well that and the forum. :twisted:


If this or any other "perl"'s of linuxly wisdom have helped you or your grandmother, please consider giving back to our fine community... Adopt a scad!

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