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HP Proliant with smart array P212

Guest defa

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Dear all,


I am new to linux however I have been using few mandriva distributions. Now we bough HP Proliant ML110 G6 in the company and I can not install on it Mandriva Spring 2010 64 bit version.


Installation is ok but after restart I got messages that can not find disk device. The problem is the same as described on this page:



but I do not know how to resolve it. If I remove smart array I can install Mandriva Spring 2001 without problems but I need smart array for raid 0.


After boot I get the following problem:

waiting for device cciss!c0d0p1 to appear (timeount 1min)

waiting for device cciss!c0d0p5 to appear (timeount 1min)

Could not find resume device (/dev/cciss/c0d0o5)

Could not resolve resume device (/dev/cciss/c0d0o5)

Creating root device.

Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

Pid: 1, comm: init Not tainted #1


The device are definitely there because I can see them and I can also mount them. I have also went through grub device.map and menu.lst and did not find any problems.


Is it possible that this problem is related to kernel because I am trying to install desktop version of mandriva on server?


Please help!

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It's definitely not that you are installing the desktop version as there's not really a desktop version as such. You have a server kernel installed as shown by your post above so it has installed the appropriate kernel.


I know some distros don't always install, or install but won't boot, or other problems, such as network card unavailable for one reason or another. For debugging purposes, have a go at installing Ubuntu Server 10.04 x86_64 and see if it's any better, or perhaps OpenSUSE Linux 11.3 or CentOS 5.5. Then we can find out if you can install and get a particular distro working, or whether the problem is just with Mandriva. Alternatively perhaps do an install of Debian 5.05 (lenny) - depending on which one of the ones above you have a preference for.


The HP website doesn't have anything in terms of drivers available for other than RHEL or SUSE Enterprise Linux.


Otherwise, you can boot into rescue mode from a CD, and then chroot your install and try doing an mkinitrd to generate a new one and see if that works.

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Well I tested RHEL, OpenSuse, SLES 11.3 all works fine. It is only mandriva problem. It also boots with mandriva enterprise server 5.


I also tried to use lilo bootloader but without success. How do I run mkinitrd command from rescue mode?

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It all works fine with Mandriva Enterprise Server 5? Maybe use this, unless you have a special need for running Mandriva Spring 2010.


In short, it will be something like this, after booted with rescue CD, mount your partitions:


mkdir /mnt/mysystem
mount /dev/cciss/c0d0px /mnt/mysystem (mount / partition here)


then mount any other partitions like /boot, /usr, /var under here in the usual manner until you've got all of them mounted. Then:


chroot /mnt/mysystem /bin/bash


if it fails, chroot it without adding /bin/bash at the end. Then do:


source /etc/profile


now, you'll need to do the mkinitrd, something like this:


mkinitrd initrd-


for the correct version, check what is already in /boot - you will already have an initrd for this kernel, so just see what happens. Otherwise, I'd just use a different distro.

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Everything works but when I try to execute mkinitrd it returns error:

/sbin/mkinitrd: line 39: /usr/libexec/initrd-functions: No such file or directory

/sbin/mkinitrd: line 1031: error: command not found


I used rescue media from spring dvd.


I would use mandriva enterprise but there I have problems with graphic card drivers ati radeon hd 4670 does not work. I tried also install ati driver from their web site but not successfully. Installation was successfull but after startx there were some problems. I would use ati drivers that are in spring 2010 which works perfectly but I do not know where can I get them.

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