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Mandriva 2010 Spring [solved]


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In 2010-Spring I have set it up the same style as my 2010.0 working system.

I have the same Nvidia driver installed in both OSs and image settings are the identical. You can see from the two screen shots that one is very poor quality (the one in 2010-Spring) and the second one is Normal and AOK (2010.0). All the images in 2010-Spring Picture Frames and the desktop wallpapers suffer this same ugly effect. I must point out that the images are from the same folder and used by both OSs. I have done 3 clean reinstalls of 2010-Spring with a clean /home each time and still get the same results. All updates are installed to this date.


Has anyone else encountered this problem and does anyone have suggestions as to what might be causing it in 2010-Spring ???.


Cheers. John.



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Is there any meaning in the fact that the two images have different aspect ratio's:


2010.1 568 x 360 px

2010.0 626 × 423 px


If these shots cover the whole screen then it suggests that Spring is addressing your monitor with different aspect ratio. As the (no doubt) LCD panel is for a given aspect ratio (determined by physics) it tries to recalc. This never works without artifacts (staircase effect). But the difference in file dimensions may have other causes...

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Hi John,


Basicly had something similar // although I'd nearly no color at all and screen was hardly to be seen.

see my call on monitor colors lost after upgrade to 2010.1


solved the problem myself.........


It seemed all about the OS not recognizing the video card.


When checking through DrakX (hardware tab / Mandriva Ctrl Center) it seemed that the OS showed

the video card most near mine (Radeon 9000AGP (not supported - ), but when performing a test it

came back with 'no device found'


Tried another video card / same result -- than have chosen once more the Radeon card of OS 1st choice

ran a gain the test several times, untill the OS came back with color tested results and asked if these

colors were ok.


Accepted the choice and had to logout and back in again - and volia it worked again // all color is back.


So wonder if same may solve your issue / hence at my end the card was recognized by the OS (nearest choice)

but was apparently not found when performing the test.....



Just by doing the test over and over, all of sudden card was recognized and color settings returned.


You just want to give it a try.




(frm Holland)

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Hello all, thanks for coming in on this and it is greatly appreciated.


The attached images are in KDE4's Plasma "Picture Frames". The apparent size differences are of no consequence since the Frame sizes can be varied but are approximately the same anyway. The seeming difference is the result of my not precisely selecting the same area for the snapshots.These are NOT full screen snapshots.


As I mentioned earlier I have gotten the same results on 3 clean installs of 2010-Spring and have never gotten the problem with 2010.0 ever and that includes a clean reinstall I did 2 weeks ago of my 2010.0.


I just remembered something. In my 2010.0 I had no trouble installing the Mandriva Nvidia supplied driver so have not needed to install Nvidias' proprietary driver, ever. However The Mandriva supplied nvidia driver for 2010-Spring could never ever be made to work so I resorted to installing the Nvidia proprietary diver to get things to work. Otherwise I had to resort using "nv", so no hardware acceleration etc., meaning no OpenGl things like my favourite screensaver , Euphoria, to name just one item, or mahjongg-3D to name another.

The problem does appear to be a Mandriva problem with KDE4 in 2010-Spring because my chosen settings in the 2010's is identical. After another closer look at the Wallpaper backgrounds it appears that they are OK after all in 2010-Spring and it is only the Picture Frame images that are effected. Since I have a 24" screen, I have 4 Picture Frames set up with one in each corner so one can see most of the background wallpaper as well.


So three Points:

First...Cannot get the Mandriva supplied nvidia driver to work...necessitating installing the nvidia proprietary driver.

Second....Cruddy reproduction of images in Picture Frames.

Thirdly...Every update is installed and up to date.


Cheers. John.

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Problem solved.


I found that by going into Appearance then into Style then into Tuning then into Graphical Effects and selecting.....High Display Resolution and High CPU.....Logging out then back in, now all the images in all 4 Picture Frames are now Ok.


So that is one problem out of the way. Just 2 more to go. :)


Cheers. John.

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