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GQ-07: How to Connect to IRC

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GQ-07: How to Connect to IRC


Setting up

We'll be using X-Chat2, with all it's anti-aliased, clean looking goodness as the GUI client we use to connect. If you have X-Chat 1.x you can choose to upgrade or just figure it out. It shouldn't be that hard. Otherwise to get it just type in

urpmi xchat

at the console while logged in as root.

  • When you start up xchat 2 for the first time you'll be greeted with a window that has a list of names.
  • Since most open source projects are located on Freenode, scroll down, locate it on the list, then highlight/click on/select it.

There should be an Edit mode checkbox near the bottom. Click on it. This will allow you to do various things. You can:

  • add channels which you frequently visit so that xchat connects to them on startup.
  • add commands which you want to run on startup always, such as nickserv identification, if/once you register a nickname.
  • choose a nickname, secondary nickname (in case someone has your's already) and real name (should you choose to divulge this info).
  • also choose whether or not you want to see the box at startup. If no, when you start xchat you'll connect to the last server you were connected to before closing.
    N.B. Server does not = chat room. You'll only join chatrooms in the autostart list, you will not join the rooms you were in last upon reconnecting. It would be a nice feature though.

For now, just choose a nickname, alternative (in case someone already has it) and Connect.


For those who want to use CLI app for IRC irssi seems to be the app of choice around here. To get it type in

urpmi irssi

as root in a console. Once you've got irssi installed log out of root and in your console type


to start it up for the first time.

the command

/server add -auto freenode irc.freenode.net:6667

will add and automatically connect to freenode.


Chatting in IRC

Now you need to do a couple of IRC commands to join a channel (chat room) and start talking. I'll give you a couple to get you started but for a comprehensive list try here or search on Google for IRC commands.

  • Once connected to freenode (or any other server) type /list in the text input box to get a list of all the available channels.
  • Once you see one you like type /join #name_of_channel to join. e.g. to join our chatroom on IRC you'd type
    /join #musb

    To join #musb while in irssi you can either use the join command above or you can do

    /channel add -auto #musb freenode

    Also you can do


    to save your settings for each time irssi is opened. This will ensure that you are automatically connected to freenode and #musb whenever you start irssi.

Now you're in a channel and ready to chat, query and cajole.

Once you're ready to leave the channel type /part #name_of_channel to leave just that channel. You don't have to be in that actual channel to leave. As long as you are in a channel that is one the same server (e.g. freenode) as the one you're trying to leave it will work.

If you want to quit both channel and server at the same time just use /quit and that'll do the job.


Miscellaneous IRC commands


Once you're connected to IRC there are other commands at your disposal


/who #musb

gives you information on everyone in #musb.

the /me command makes it seem as if you're speaking in the third person or as if you thoughts are transmagically being transmitted to everyone in the channel.


/me is crazy

will like something like *illogic-al is crazy


A little known IRC fact fact newbies is that the @ before the names of some people means that they are channel ops. That means that they possess powers of cyber life and death. Don't mess with these people. ;-p


/whois Tomm

You get some info about Tomm or whatever nickname you entered.


/whois yournick

This is some info others see about you.


/nick newnick

Changes your nick to "newnick"


/msg Tomm hi there.

Only Tomm sees your message (you don't need to be on the same channel for this to work).


/ping #musb

Gives information on the delay (round-trip) between you and everybody on #musb.


/ping Tomm

Gives information on the delay (round-trip) between you and just Tomm.


/dcc chat MaryN

This sends MaryN a request for a dcc chat session. MaryN types /dcc chat yournick to complete the connection. DCC chat is faster (lag free) and more secure than /msg.


/msg =MaryN Hi there!

Once a DCC connection has been established, use the /msg =nick message format to exchange messages (note the = sign). DCC does not go through servers, so it are unaffected by server lag, net splits, etc.


/quit good night!

You quit IRC completely, with the parting comment so that others see "*** Signoff: yournick (good night!)".


This is a basic list, but will help in the begining and always try /help to see what's available in your client. 8)



Additional information pointed out by Liquidzoo and provided by cybrjackle. Info on how to connect using irssi from LiquidZoo.





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