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My arguament is that those people for whom Lindows represents a realistic choice probably never will spend their money on anything except Windows.


Its not a comfortable thought but the reason windows is so popular is because people were not aware of any viable choice ..... nor wanted to be!!!


Windows brought a lot of freedom to small businesses with one hand while taking it away with the other. Small co's could run without a IT dept but with an ever decreasing viable choice of software. Indeed windows actually grew becuase of apps like Lotus 123 and wordperfect and winfax not to mention netscape etc. ALL companies now DEAD or taken over.

Once windows decided to have Internet explorer then it killed netscape and adding faxing to windows killed winfax etc.


However they couldn't kill linux because there is nothing to kill.

Lindows can't kill linux either ..... it can take market share perhaps but that won't stop what linux essentially is.....


All in all Lindows is a replacement for WinBlows, Mandrake-Suse-Debian are not, calling them replacements is like saying a real leg is a replacement for an artificial one.


Real distro's add so much more that windows can never be.....

However this is only useful if you actually use it.....if you don't then all this extra stuff is just stuff that can go wrong....


On the one hand I don't like the attitude of Lindows vis the marketing etc. but on the other you have to compare it as a viable windows replacement for your average Joe who just wants to type letters and print them.


I had a friend who thought it should be 'illegal' to sell computers without printers! In his opinion a computer without a printer was useless. Stick him in a car engine and he understands every last detail, pull his mouse out and he'd never reconnect it.... and he's not alone!!!


90% of Joes just want a simple system that does nothing that Win3.1 didn't do perfectly. Unfortunately they need a newer Word proc to open newer files, they need directX-10001 to run the latest games etc etc. hence these people are going out and buying 3GHz machines to Run OfficeXP.


Lindows/lycroris et al are Windows replacements for these guys... (and gals) - people who in all rights should still be running Win3.11 with netscape and winFax pro or whatever. However Win3.1 is no longer available nor are any apps available for it.


If they have a choice for a new PC what should they get ??

WindowsXP Home



Mandrake ???


If all they want is a word proc etc. then Lindows is probably their best choice....(assuming they have broadband)


For those who tried OS2 or hacked windows or did something other than typing and printing then Mandrake is a better choice. For those who have hacked away at mandrake then LFS or Gentoo or something are probably the next choice.


Thus I would say I agree in the Mandrake is for intermediate users statement they make. Not only that BUT I don't wanna see Mandrake go down the lycoris route..... I want them to leave in the bleeding edges and even the rough edges.

Mandrake is (or was) the best distro for someone to get used to linux and learn at the same time. However, its not for everyone!!!! because not everyone wants to learn.


On the whole people who don't wanna learn are not on my XMAS card list. I tend to prefer to hang with peope who do wanna learn about anything. I lament the loss of simple to fix cars I could tune myself..... becuase I like to understand what I use (with the exception of telephones which I have a hangup about:D)


Most people I give linux too will get Mandrake becuase most people I hang about with are interested in understanding what they use but what I have to say is that Lindows have done a great job of actually making a system for the people who need Windows pour les nuls to actually use Windows!!!


Its basically an idiot proof install.


I look on it this way....

If more people use ANY os except Windows then that represents free choice ....



That means manufactuerers can no longer survive ignoring linux...... or other OS's....

Just look at the impact of OS-X on linux. Yes its competing for market share if we consider the market to be windows or other BUT its actually increased the number of linux compatible products as a byproduct. If it works for MAC OS-X its pretty likely to work for linux. and having created a driver for MAC its only a recompile to get it for linux.....

OK its not an opensource driver but its bettwer than nothing >??????


The problem today is you can't just walk into a FNAC and pick up a webcam or whatever and know it will work becuase the manufactuerers on the whole can't even be bothered to say so if it does work.


IDC says Linux's desktop market share has nearly doubled in the past three years, from 1.5 percent at the end of 2000 to 2.8 percent now. Linux is poised to surpass Apple's 2.9 percent of the market, as projected a year ago.

So if we beleive these figures

Linux + OS-X represent 5.7% of the Desktop markets, add BSD etc. and you might get another percentage point.

But it isn't enough for manufactuerers....

What is needed is 20% + (IMHO) of alternatives and for it to be considered reasonably 'normal' to not run windows.....


Once this is the case then critical mass will take over and topple the monopoly....

However, looking historically the Roman monoploy lasted centuaries without being toppled and in the end when it was it was replaced by chaos and the westwern world regressed 500 years.


From zdnet....

Whitehall has again turned up the heat on Microsoft by announcing it will now trial Sun Microsystems' open-source desktop package in a number of pilots across the public sector.



Public spending watchdog the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) has signed a framework pricing agreement for Sun's Linux-based Java Desktop System (JDS) and a series of trials will begin in the New Year.



The OGC said the agreement now provides a competitive alternative to proprietary -- read Microsoft -- software across both the server and desktop environment. A similar deal was struck with IBM earlier this year for Linux server trials in some government agencies.




The present problem is that this sort of thing makes the news at all. People are considered Brave to step outa the Microsoft line.... like people queing in a long line with a rumour the cinema is also selling tickets round the corner.

A couple of people leave and no effect but once 20% or whatever leave everyone suddenly jumps ship... like seeing the new till opening in the supermarket or whatever.


At the moment people are standing in line waiting to be shafted by microshaft.

Their only comfort is they are not alone ..... no one else is leaving the queue so they stay even though they don't like what they get the at least feel they are getting the same as everyone else.


the tales of people going over to linux and getitng a bette r deal sound like fairy tales... if its so good why isn't everyone else doing it ???


:wall: DOH ... BECAUSE they are waiting inline just like them with the same excuses and reasons.


Then theres critical mass in services.....

My bank doesn't even let me connect without IE!!!!

Yeah I know I should change bank but Im in line getting shafted like everyone else :D


Lindows allows whole droves of people to jump the queue and suddenly those in it will feel like they are going to be the only ones in it.....

By then they should get a bargain ..Win2008 for only 3 cents..... with office thrown in and a $500 rebate.

Heck if that happens even I might buy it./.... :D

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Former AMD Executive Makes the Move to Lindows.com


Lee Little Tapped as Senior Director of Sales


SAN DIEGO --January 22, 2004 -- Lee Little, a well-known figure in the computer industry and an experienced channel sales veteran, today joined Lindows.com as the Senior Director of Sales for the System Builder Channel. Credited with establishing AMD as a global force in an Intel-dominated system builder channel, Little has a successful career history of introducing new technologies into established markets.


As AMD's director of sales, global accounts and director of field marketing, Little oversaw much of the activity in Canada and the Americas. Under his leadership, the company grew from single-digit market share to over 30% in the competitive computer system arena. Recently,  Little was an early channel sales pioneer at Dell Inc. and also served as executive vice president of Sequent Technologies, a video and data technology company that focused on wireless applications.


In other words this is the guy I guess who came up with the XPxxxx+ rating for AMD CPU's



I'm not sure what I think about it.....

Its like AMD suffered because they made better processors cheaper becuase the clock speeds were lower. People (the SHEEP) just didn't get it. "How can slower be faster" so AMD rebadged into realistic Pentium figures.... and ... now they are bigger and stronger....


I agree its misleading people BUT its actually misleading them against an incorrect urban myth anyway!!! (more CPU cycles = faster machine)


This is kinda like Lindows marketing... giving people who want an antivirus checker an antivirus checker etc...


IF people in general can't see why linux is good for them then Lindows seems perfactly happy to mislead them on incorrect suppositions.....

Like opens all office docs.... because 90% of the SHEEP don't use access and TECHNICALLY its not part of office but office PRO.


I see why technically competent people Like aRTee object to this and so do I in a perfect world ..... damit..why don't people realise Mhz isn't the only thing ....

why don't they realise they have an option to WinBlows....??????

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