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  1. I have followed steps and steps until I typed urpmi kdebase and it appeared "questionaires" example: [root@localhost]# urpmi kdebase One of the following packages is needed: 1- uClibc-devel-0.9.21-3mdk.i586 : Development files for uClibc (to install) 2- glibc-devel-2.3.3-23.1.101mdk.i586 : Header and object files for development using standard C libraries (to install) What is your choice? (1-2) I am currently use KDE 3.2 and Xorg 6.8.2 (which I just upgrade it) Do I need to upgrade KDE 3.3 first before going for 3.4?
  2. Hey thank you VeeDubb and crashdamage, I will put aside the problem for now until I upgrade xorg 6.8 and hopefully that OS can help solve the problem? I download RPM firefox-1.0.1 and then remove completed and re-do RPM however done from MCC mozilla-firefox, both have same problem... at first I did for firefox-1.0.2 from /usr/bin/firefox then changed to /usr/bin/mozilla-firefox...... VeeDubb, if you download directly from firefox, I am curious where would you place the folder in? /usr/lib/firefox? or just place in /home/myhome/firefox?
  3. The following packages have bad signatures: /var/cache/urpmi/rpms/libvorbisenc2-1.1.0-0.1010.1mdk.i586.rpm: Invalid signature ((SHA1) DSA sha1 md5 (GPG) (MISSING KEY) GPG#8b9e12ab NOT OK) Do you want to continue installation ? (y/N) I am trying to download KDE 3.4, but this is not only problems I have, but everytime I tried to download from RPM or from Mandrake Control Center for other programs, I always get similiar ideas of above for bad signature: I have pick to yes for continue installation... Hope will not get add more problems if I install other more programs?? [moved from Everything Linux by spinynorman]
  4. Thanks, I get it, however the excutable icon which I removed in menudrake and add new application that lead to /usr/bin/firefox... So once I click the icon, still not working... but it will work only IF firefox is running on desktop, and I can click firefox icon to be another excutable it? Therefore, I have to leave one firefox open in multi desktop at number 5. Hope if I made myself clear? I believe there is application is in somewhere than /usr/bin/firefox
  5. Thanks VeeDubb, I will take your word, as I have Firefox, but I was unable to set as my default AND I was unable to click the icon to be excutable insead I have to type "firefox in root conscle". For some reason if I need to rush click and go for some surfing, But wondering if there will be able for me to set firefox as my default and one click icon to excutable? Thanks again!
  6. I was success to install the flashplayer into Firefox 1.0 and realized that knoqueror doesn't have version for flashplayer. So, I though to add flashplayer for knoqueror, but realized I can't find right folder? When I use knoqueror link to CBS.com, it keep asking for install flashplayer. I believe konqueror doesn't have one??
  7. This is the one you have in KDE control center which indicated that you have 3.4 version upgrade while I have 3.2.3 as current and if I would like to upgrade to 3.4 just you did that appeared in KDE control center. BTW, sorry, I should have edit them instead of three seperate!
  8. I am not quite sure about KDE 3.4, Currently I am using KDE 3.2.3 and I was wondering if that 3.4 is "upgrade OS" from 3.2 version?
  9. Thanks thac, I found other place, and now I have thac in my MCC.. I did: urpmi.addmedia thacs.rpms http://anorien.csc.warwick.ac.uk/mirrors/thac/10.1/RPMS with hdlist.cz Is that relate to the one you gave me? I tried to download KDE 3.4, but apparently I can't make it install from MCC. But I am thinking if I could try with your either RPM or SRPM. Can you tell me which one I should install from RPM or SPRM? Currently, I have MDK 10.1, KDE 3.2.3... Is there other things I need to know before able to complete the installation with KDE 3.4? Thanks again!
  10. I have those lists, except the thacs rpm, how did you add to MCC? what kind of methods to download from?
  11. I am not famaliar with upgrade, since I click the link and there sare tons of lists, and I was wondering which one that will upgrade from 3.2 to 3.4? I looked and I think if kde-i18n-ar-3.4.0-1.mdk10.1.thac.noarch.rpm the one that will upgrade to 3.4?
  12. dmzeplin


    Thanks for tips! I found that I get recommend to get AD-ware since I don't have one. I was wondering about AD-ware for Linux? Or best Anti-virus? Since I don't have one either!
  13. adamw, I typed what you gave me and it came out, win32-codecs-1.6-3plf. I assumed it is 100%? Damn it... guess bear with this until I can find one with video later... Another unfortuntely for me that I am deaf and only need quality of video... eh? But thanks anyway...
  14. I already have non-free PLF, and when I typed urpmi win32-codecs, it said: Everything already installed Assumed I already installed win32-codecs and I already installed Mplayer, Mplayer-gui, fonts, and skins. Did I miss something other than these?
  15. I decided to removed Mplayer, and then re installed from MCC, I have installed fonts, skins, mplayer and gui-mplayer. But I was unable to find win32-codecs? I tried urpmi win32-codecs, but nothing can recongized win32-codecs?? Appreciate your time!
  16. I was wondering about Mplayer since it can't read whatever.wmv. it only showed pink background in Mplayer? I am using KDE, Mandrake 10.1, and I have update as well... I downloaded from urpmi Mplayer and Mplayer-gui as well... Thanks,
  17. Thank you for great tip, ; Something interested, my two CD's can't read music CD since I want "Boyz II Men", but CD's are unable to read it?? Thanks again! but how about music issue??
  18. How did thumbnail came out?? I just click "Add this attachment" from home.desktop"?? Umm... ME....
  19. Apparently, I have everything settle and enjoy with Linux... But realized I can't find CD RW, CDR or DVD which I already have.... Where Can I find them?? I saw Floppy... I am using KDE... hope can give me direct to reach CD or DVD so my daugher can enjoy listen to the music from CD....
  20. Anyone of you know how to get Slicker for MDK?? I am struggle to get it?? Though to add slicker to make it look nicer...
  21. Upload a picture in Attachment from which hard drive? Such as /usr/share/?? I am not sure where the desktop usually save in?? Sorry am still learning eh?
  22. How did you set thumbnail? I though of partipate with you guys... Thanks...
  23. dmzeplin


    Yes, thanks and I will make sure I can download from MDK as possible to avoid the errors.... Oh well, I can see why I have to type in root to get Firefox executable... Thanks again!
  24. dmzeplin


    I don't know if I should ignore the problems since some application I download from KDE-Look. org but it disappeared after downloaded... Apparently most from icons for karamba stuff... Or maybe I didn't follow the instruction from KDE-Look?? Maybe I need to look closer again...
  25. dmzeplin


    At first, I downloaded from RPMDrake, then the theme was not working since it was not higher 1.0 version, so I removed the mozilla-firefox-, and download from RPM with Firefox 1.0.1... I was wondering if Firefox 1.0.1 have much bugs than 1.0?? Hope I didn't screw up... eh?
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