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  1. The videos on that site require Flash 8.0+, and for the moment there is no reliable way to playback those videos under Linux... sorry (only Flashplayer 7,0,63,0 is available). Macromedia/Adobe has promised Flashplayer 9.X for Linux a long time ago, but ATM there is none.

    Maybe Internet Sexploiter 6.X and Flashplayer 8.X+ under wine- but since I never tried it, I cannot promise it will work.


    No wonder, when I saw Flashplayer and had clicked to install, but it said Flashplayer 7.0?? I tried to look for Flashplayer 9 and was unable to figure why do I get 7 instead of 9...


    By the way, I remember I used to download it from Macromedia site... but I didn't realized it had changed to Abode site?? Is that something that caused for whatever reasons??

  2. Hi guys.... Something I must have missed or need one more job to be done... I installed Flashplayer /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox1.0.6/plugins no problem...


    When I go on ESPN and there is right side which showed media video... But it showed only white square with letters saying:



    In order to watch videos, please download Macromedia Flash Player™



    Where shall I add ???



  3. I hope you mind to help me one more since everything goes easy with drag and drop... BUT the weather thing, when I tried to configure it, by yahoo or BBC weather link... But still not working... I have tried to look around for how to set up even though forums from gdesklets site??


    Have you any clue how to solve it?? Thanks again!

  4. gkrellm doesn't have the same abilities as superkaramba and/or gdesklets, IMHO.


    Many thanks... That is what I noticed that but I just need to surfing around more. The more I learn about Gnome, so that I can compare with KDE.......


    But look like most of people use KDE than Gnome??

  5. Hey, I got myself a Gnome to see and play with it.... I though to use Superkaramba, but realized that is only for KDE?? :unsure:


    I found gtubeclock 0.9.1 has been released (RH9 rpm here), is that the one I should use it for Gnome if so, what about different theme or art such as weather liquid etc??

  6. It's OK. If you do "ls -l /dev/printer", you see that it's just a symbolic link to /dev/lp0. If on the other hand it's not, just type "/dev/lp0" instead of "/dev/printer".


    Thanks for helping... but still can't print yet... I believe this is my first time that need to set up since Mandrake 9.0 and Mandrake 10.1 it set up for me when I install upgraded...


    What I did ls -l /dev/lp0:

    [root@localhost username]# ls -l /dev/lp0
    crw-rw----  1 lp sys 6, 0 Jul 12 10:43 /dev/lp0

    Good ? Bad ? Maybe?


    Also, when I went on Configure Your Desktop/Peripherals/Printers; Then I set up Administor Mode and entered as root:

    The screen appeared quick!

    Unable to retrieve the printer list. Error message received from manager:

    Connection to CUPS server failed. Check that the CUPS server is correctly installed and running. Error: host not found.


    I ignored it and tried to set up with configure it and tested it....

    A print error occurred. Error message received from system:


    /usr/bin/lpr -P 'Print to File (PostScript)' '-#1' '/usr/share/apps/kdeprint/testprint.ps' : execution failed with message:

    /usr/bin/lpr: The printer or class was not found.


    I believe I have set up wrong with Name; Location; and Description in Properties section. AND in Information section; I noticed Device and Model are blank.... No information yet from install driver?? If so, how can I install it since I have the software driver from LinuxPrinting.org... and PPD as well... I am not sure how to install the software driver??


    Hope if my explain clear??

  7. The most easiest way I find to add a printer is like this. Click System/Configuration/Configure Your Desktop. Then go into Peripherals and Printers.


    Click the Administrator Mode button, enter the root password, and then add your printer in here. Much easier than using the web-based cups.


    Many thanks for replied... I tried this morning (Eastern Time) and found it said "Unable to create or retrieve as well". I did with administrator Mode button and entered root password.....


    Since you said more easier than using the web-based cups, which means, I don't need a cups and to remove cups and cups-common? since my system is unable to create due to cups...


    Another thing, I noticed there are 4 or 5 different on the bottom right where Administrator mode is... Which one should I select than CUPS?


    Again, I think I saw my printer system set up /dev/lpo but when I add printer process, it said /dev/printer??


    I will look up again when I get home... Thanks for your time and hope to get it done!

  8. I have reading different posts and tried them... None of them work for me... I am doing with CUPS, and I have no idea how it works....


    Type Localhost:631
    Click Add Printer
    Here it is...


    They asked for Name, Location, and Description....


    My input is:

    Name: HP OfficeJet


    Location: file:///home/username/Desktop/HP-OfficeJet_T45-hpijs.ppd


    Description: HP OfficeJet T Series


    But come up with error:



    The printer name may only contain up to 127 printable characters and may not contain spaces, slashes (/), or the pound sign (#).


    I have HP OfficeJet T45 and it was work good with 2005 LE... with this Madriva 2006.0... it doesnt work?? Is there anyway more easier for me??


    I have installed CUPS and CUPS-COMMON...

  9. I see... Guess CUPS has more issues with bad signature than others in 2006.0 since it is building from new? Since I am using Mandriva 2006.0... I also saw libpython has bad signature when I upgraded from 3.4 to 3.5.2 recently... But I need to get CUPS work properly first as I want printer to work as well...


    Thanks for your input opinion, I will just install normal operate unless bad signature come up, then i can verify with --no-verify-rpm..... Huh??

  10. Hi Arctic,


    I am not sure about the result that cyrmo had... But I am hoping if you can help me even though it has not solved yet...


    When I had upgraded to KDE 3.5 before family vacation and printer is not working as well as bad signtures from cups too.... However, tomorrow I will return home to get printer fixed as possible since my cups seems not function right... I tried to update just like cyrmo did; this got me attention and hope if that procedure should fix it even though I upgraded with cups' bad signture??


    urpme cups
    urpmi --clean
    urpmi.update -a
    urpmi cups


    What do you think of process since cups is still in my system... removed cups before clean the system-cache?



  11. Yes, xconsole -file /dev/console works!


    I am hoping to ask for this back again and help me!! I have surfing around and get solve the problem.. But I am loser!


    I type xconsole -file /dev/console, the console came out but I can't type anything??


    I type ls -l console:


    crw-------   1  username root 5, 1 Jun 28 06:12 console


    I believe I need to do chmod so that I can be able to type in xconsole??


    Verbose when boot up, I see the runlevel at 5....


    Mean I need to make a change with runlevel for an enable

  12. Apparently, my system is running well even though verbose showed Kernel is not install, it can't be installed when boot up.... Although the Kernel-2.6.12mdk-1-1mdk and Kernel-source-2.6-2.6.12-22mdk are on my MCC system (Software Package Removal.... I am also on Lilo with graphic menu in bootloader as well...


    I will just put it aside for now until big problem come up... Back to Xconsole... I found Console that working well when I click console icon AT MCC in system menu.... But Why do I still get "couldn't open console" when I use from Kmenu in Montior menu... I am not sure how to fix it??


    Many thanks scarecrow for giving me different defined... I appreciate your time... and hope to solve xconsole since you already had before... huh?

  13. This works for me, from Seerofsouls.com forums:


    Believe it or not,removal can be done with one simple command.


    rpm -e --nodeps `rpm -qa | grep -i kde | grep 3.5`


    **NOTE** Please change/edit the 3.5 to whatever version you currently have installed of KDE.

    It is also very important that you use ` in the command and not ' The ` can be found on most keyboards on the key immediately to the left of the number one(1) key.


    You will also need to perform these commands just to be extra safe:



    rpm -e --nodeps kdevelop



    then to reinstall:


    Once you have the source added it's probably best to perform the following commands:



    urpmi kdebase


    urpmi kdeutils kdeaddons kdeaccessibility kdegames kdegraphics


    urpmi kdebase-kdm-config-file kdebase-kdm


    Grendal, May I ask you question, I have follow the sequence that you provided... It works simple! However, at last step (red fonts), after I click to enter... it keep running for how long? So, I just quit and reboot it... Now, apparently my kernel-source is not working right...


    May I ask about last step's function?? Thank you for your time and good explain step by step...

  14. If you install kernel-source-2.6-2.6.12-22mdk then you should also install a matching kernel from /updates, to make any good usage of it.

    Most suitable for your system, if you have 1GB of RAM or less, seems to be


    Upgrading your kernel is genrally recommended- just keep the old one, in case something goes wrong with the updated one, and don't forget to configure LILO (via Mandriva Control Center) after the installation, so now it will boot by default the new kernel.


    I have tried some of them. Verbose showed me that kernel not installed and can't be installed.... I wanted to ask you 2 questions that I might not have installed properly to upgrade from 3.4 to 3.5... What I did the sequence from grendal's explaination:



    rpm -e --nodeps kdevelop


    then to reinstall:


    Once you have the source added it's probably best to perform the following commands:



    urpmi kdebase


    urpmi kdeutils kdeaddons kdeaccessibility kdegames kdegraphics


    urpmi kdebase-kdm-config-file kdebase-kdm



    Look at red fonts in code; I start to thinking about kdeartwork, kdeadmin, kdenetwork, and kdepim that I saw other site... I tried urpmi those and they have not installed in my system yet... what are those funtion?


    Hope ring any bell? Thanks again for your time

  15. It's xterm, not xtrem

    konsole is the default terminal for kde

    Please try under a root console (provided that you have inserted to your system the easyurpmi repositories, at the top of this page):

    urpmi kernel-source-2.6-2.6.12-12mdk (it's quite big, a bit over 40 MB)
    See after installing that and rebooting if the message goes away.

    You could also look for a newer kernel and kernel-source from the official updates. Newest kernel revision in there is 2.6.12-22.


    it said the package is already installed. the following name kernel-source 2.6?? Guess I might need to urpme kernel-source??


    then reinstall with newest if possible:

    urpmi kernel-source-2.6-2.6.12-22mdk Hope that helps?

  16. What's the output of

    uname -a

    under xterm?

    uname -aOutput is:
    Linux localhost 2.6.12-12mdk #1 Fri Sep 9 18:15:22 CEST 2005 i686 Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 CPU 1500MHz unknown GNU/Linux


    I start to thinking you were right about kernel-source is missing due to unknown GNU/Linux?? Guess I need to go back ICEWM and remove kernel-source for some specific name and reinstall??


    I see nothing too bad about xconsole, I'm also getting "couldn't open console" when trying to open it without the -file argument. Do other types of terminals ( e.g. konsole, xtrem ) open normally?


    I believe I don't have xtrem and or konsole... since I only see RXvt (in Kmenu "Terminal") and Xconsole (in Kmenu "Monitor"). RXvt open normally.... I don't know if RXvt is similiar with knosole or xtrem? Because I don't see any knosole or xtrem...


    Thank for your time and appreciate..

  17. First of all, I upgrade KDE 3.5.3-10 and apparently, it went great.. However, I noticed when booting up the system by verbose and I can see that "Kernel Source 2.6.12-1mdk not installed and can't install this mode".


    When I went on "Configure Your Desktop", and I can see the kernel is there??? :speechless: Big problem, is that I can't control Xconsole anymore since it says "console couldn't open"


    So, I found the other topic about console couldn't open, which it linked me to this,



    Here is the list that I found by RXvt,


    ls -l /dev/console
    crw--------  1 myusername root 5, 1 Jun 24 /dev/console

    And I am not sure if that is normal? Because I really don't understand what or how to solve from above the link.


    I believe if I solve kernel's problem and should make console operate well...


    FYI, I tried /var/log/messages as root, it would not let me open it either....
  18. Thanks for replied... I tried /var/log/messages in roots, and I can see messages is in log folder but it will not open for me... I can see the lock symbol on it... How can I open the lock??


    Also, I found the errors from "configure your computer". here is the picture you might can help me to fix them?? I tried with printer problem by cups.... I tried to remove cups and re install... nothing helps...


    Have a nice weekend...

  19. :thumbs: Made it! :thumbs:


    However.... I see some missing when I look up booting system by verbose mode.... But I see 4 or 5 that are failed, but they disappear too fast.... How can I find log or something to look up what errors?


    Also, I notice one that saying kernel-source 2.6.12-1mdk not installed, can't install this mode, but when I go on "configure your desktop" I do see it has 2.6.12-12mdk?? How can I solve this?


    Thank you guys for help me through out process! B)

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