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  1. Just did a fresh install on my Windows machine at work. Is it me, or is it a lot slower ???
  2. It's weird because i tried with my LG DVD-Rom drive and my MSI Writer and it does the same thing. Tonight i'll try on my daughter's computer. Thanks
  3. Hello everybody Quite a long time since my last post but everything was fine with 9.2 I wanted to do a fresh install of 10.0, so i downloaded the 3 ISO, burn them like usual. (12X) I tried the normal and expert install options and i get the same result. Right after the detection of USB devices, i get this error: "cannot uncompress second stage ramdisk. This could be a hardware failure or a kernel bug." Everything was fine in 9.2 and is fine in WinXp. My current pc is this: AMD 2200+, MSI motherboard KT3 Ultra2, 512M DDR 333Mhz, Video MSI NVIDIA GeForce Ti 4200 128M VIVO, Sound Creative Audigy OEM, HD WD 80G 7200rpm, Display Hansol 19 pure flat. 50G partition for WinXp 30G for Linux.
  4. yorneB

    SCSI Emulation

    Thanks again Chris. After i posted my reply yesterday i had a bit more time and did a little research and found a few good sites about cd burning in linux. So i changed my lilo.conf file and put everything on one line. It stil doesn't work but i think it was different then what you wrote so i'll try agani tonight. What do you make of the end of the original line: particulary the resume=/dev/hda part. This what there oiginaly. Well thanks again, i have to go out know and shovel the 20" of snow that fell during the night. Ah Montreal in winter... yorneB
  5. yorneB

    SCSI Emulation

    Thanks for the advice and the great explanation Chris z I did'nt have time to try it until now. I did everything like you said (i think) but it still doesn't work. Here my lilo.conf file text. I put what i added in bold. my LG DVD-ROM DRD-8160B is hdd my MSI CD-RW MS-8348 is hdc What did i do wrong? Thanks again yorneB
  6. yorneB

    SCSI Emulation

    Thank you very much I'll try this tonight, and let you know if it worked. www.deanforamerica.com/
  7. yorneB

    SCSI Emulation

    Hi everyone I have mandrake 9.2 installed and the latest K3b (10.1.3 i think) I have a LG-DVD Rom 8160 and a MSI Dragon writer CR48-A Last night i tried burning a CD (music) and i got this message "No support for ATAPI with cdrdao You will not be able to use all your reading devices as copy sources since there is at least one not configured to use SCSI emulation and your system does not support ATAPI with cdrdao. Solution: The best and recommended solution is to enable ide-scsi (SCSI emulation) for all devices. This way you won't have any problems." How do i enable this? Be gentle i'm new to this. Good day
  8. Thank you for your help. I'll try it tonight. I'm at work right now. Have a good day
  9. I don't have any problem with english, it's just kind of weird and i'm asking myself if something else might be wrong that's not that obvious.
  10. I'm kind of new to linux. I installed Mdk 9.2 (in french), downloaded the kernel source, installed it, then installed my nvidia driver. Up to that point everything when great. Then i updated with mandrake update, and now every menu is 75% english and 25% french. What can i do?? Thanks.
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