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  1. dubbrich

    samba newbie

    I'm a samba newbie and having trouoble with my file sharing. I use the swat interface to configure the smb file because I find that it more user freindly than the notes in the file. Anyway, I have 1 pc running mandrake 10.1 with samba. and a windows laptop. each pc is assigned to their own workgroup/ domain only because the laptop is used for my work and it's setup on the work domain. The workgroup the linux box is on is "MDKGROUP" and the laptop is on "FAIRPOINT" domain. Here are my questions: 1. My linux box is running with windows xp. I would like to share a directory "/multimedia" that is on an ntfs drive with the windows laptop. 2. I can see the MDKGROUP workgroup on the windows laptop but cannot access it. here is my smb.conf: [global] workgroup = MDKGROUP server string = Samba Server %v encrypt passwords = Yes log file = /var/log/samba2/log.%m max log size = 50 socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=8192 SO_SNDBUF=8192 printcap name = cups dns proxy = No printer admin = @adm hosts allow = (this is the laptop IP) printing = cups [/multimedia] comment = Media (M) path = /multimedia hosts allow = I have more stuff in the config file, but I figured this is all the the stuff that's relavent to my prob.
  2. gdesklets 0.33 installs but I get the error. is there anything similar and as efficient as gdesklets?
  3. I believe it was the latest one. I got it with urpmi . I updated the reposiiitory before I downloaded gdesklet.
  4. I think there is a bug in program. I tried re-installing gdesklets and I keep getting that error in the log when I try to run it. it says that some of the .rpm's have bad signatures
  5. cthaaa site is pretty tight, but after I install gdesktops I get an error. this is what the log says: ISensor: ITime: .3/site-packages/gtk-2.0/gtk/__init__.py:90: GtkDeprecationWarning: gtk.mainloop is deprecated, use gtk.main instead self.warn(message, DeprecationWarning) do you know what this means?
  6. here's a link to the sidebar I'm talking about" http://amarok.kde.org/index.php?option=com...&imgid=40&hit=1
  7. I was checking out some screenshots online and I noticed that there is way to get all the pc usage stats on a sidebar on the desktop. Is there way to get that sidebar in kde?
  8. oh, ok. I wasn't aware that they are the same. I really just wanted winamp for online radio. I think I'll stick with Kaffeine and Amarok. I hear alot of good stuff about them
  9. I get this error when I try to install winap for linux. Some package requested cannot be installed: Winamp-0.a1-1.i386 (due to unsatisfied libpng.so.2) do you agree ? I searched my pc for this package and it wasn't found. any ideas?
  10. I'm just rying to try new things and I heard enlightenment, window maker, and xfce were nice dektop managers. I've really only tried kde and gnome so far
  11. alright, I got xfce installed. but I some of the packages had bad signatures. I wonder if this is going to effect the performance or stability of it.
  12. I tried that, but I still unable to browse. Is there anything that must be enabled in the basic setup also?
  13. of course it is! why didn't I think of that before.
  14. I run mandrake 10.1 and I cannot browse my network with Samba unless I turn the firewall off. Is there a way I can configure the firewall settings to where I can browse my network and keep the firewall on?
  15. Is there any way to install xfce without having to compile the source in konsole (for some reason, every time I try to install an app in konsole I get errors with my compilers). I tried to run urpmi xfce, but I dont believe it's in the repository (yes, I updated first).
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