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  1. spiedra Well I don`t be a bad guy,but of course I know I can get in computer store. Can I use any power supply for DVD-ROM :?:
  2. Hi! I got a OEM Pioneer DVD-ROM the ? is! Can I get the any power supply (I`m talking about power cable)connection for DVD-ROM pioneer in any store? Can I use any power supply for DVD-ROM Thank you for your help Regards Mandrake-user
  3. Hi frew http://www.nessus.org/ is it good for KDE :?: Thank you for your help :wink: .
  4. Hi!! Is ther other good (The Saint) look up at http://www.wwdsi.com/saint/index.html software like the one :?: :roll: . Thanks you for your help
  5. Glitz wrote: What you want to do is stealth all your ports (make it so that they do not send out replies to requests). That way, no one will even know you are there. Glitz. fuzzylizard wrote: Or at the least, opening someone else's computer to be scanned and hacked. I`m not that guy to snopping around private stuff,I`m a nice guy not a bad guy I know Iknow A properly configured firewall and a secure system is the way to go. If nothing exists for the hackers, they will leave and go away. And your system will be safe. Yaaaah that what I`m looking for. :wink: :D :D :) :lol: Mandrake-user
  6. Ronin But wouldn't that make you just as bad as them? No Because I like them to look some where else,not to an innoncence man like me. :D :D :D :D
  7. Hi paul!! Is it possible to lock this thread out. Thank you for locking the thread out!! Mandrake-user :D :lol: :)
  8. Counterspy Another one to consider is FWBuilder. I know FWBuilder that one is good one if you know how to use it,but I don`t know very well. But FWBuilder is a very good tool. :D :D
  9. It just came in my brain the Q. is. Is there a software that can send automatic some where else,how to you say foul them. Is there a good software out ther? :wink:
  10. May I posted on ohhhh http://www.club-nihil.net/mub/ ,but well again. I`m looking a software that windows have WinZip7.0 to decompress like the tar.gz,zip,tar.....? Is there a software out that will run under MDK 8.1/9.0. If is there a software out how can I install them :?:. Regards Mandrake-user
  11. anon Why do you think you need two firewalls ?? Because one of them doesn`t support then others for protecting your computer. Anyway I have nothing to hide on my computer but the crackers can take my computer under control. So that is the answer so I can protect my computer very well.
  12. Hi!! Is it possible to run to two firewall in same time :?: :o
  13. MoonChild The nicest way ever... Adobe Acrobat for windows has a nice text tool, that let's you select stuff. If you Copy/Paste them into Word, you save most of the formatting for some reason. There you go, change the PDF as you like and have fun with it Well I did what you told me and the copy of the goverment looks totaly different so I can`t not printed out because,it`s very bad. I phoned the medical service office and let my address,so they can send me application form. Thanx guys for you response was so fast, thank you guys again. Mandrake-user :D :wink:
  14. Hi!! I can`t find a software that`s convert pdf to wordperfect in any text for Win 98 so that I can print. :?: Can some one answer me A.S.A.P I need the doc. in few day`s Thank you for big help
  15. cannonfodder You got a point, in my point I have nothing to hide ,but I like have firewall is secure like if you try to break 5 meters of steel,you know today is everything possible,if you have a firewall that change every 60 sec. password those people try to crack the computer have no chance to crack it for sure. Of course my firewall is 100% secure with no holes,but anyway I let you know when my system is ready. How is that!!
  16. Hi Which sound card will work the best for MD 9.0?. I have a couple of MLI 170 speaker who make them :?: . Thanks for your help :wink:
  17. anon ZoneAlarm is it similar firestarter :?: .
  18. Before I use MD 8.1,I use Win 98 SE,Win 2000 with ZoneAlram is ther a similar for MD 9.0 :?: . I use win for two years and never get cracked in my computer,still I have luck. :D Please help me,thanks for your cooperation
  19. GeForce2 MX 400 64mb will work with the full release of MD 9.0? :)
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