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  1. Ixthusdan you ask me: Ok in to console (shell) you /we can find out what kind hardware is connect to the motherboard/ board so linux can tell me in console what kind of hardware I have on my system.I like to know what I have to type that I can get the answer from the console . But if you don`t understand thats ok in 25-30 days from today I will find out. :wink: :lol: Anyway I have lots of fun in linux :lol: :lol: :lol: 8) 8) :wink: Mandrake-user :wink:
  2. Ixthusdan 1. answer I have two harddrive so what kind of hardware do I need:?:. 2. I know 100% I have scsi ZIP drive because I run it know, You tell me how can I find out in konsole,I know how to get in konsole SU and PASSWORD,the rest I don`t know.If you can help me from there,I appreciate for your help. 3.What Operating systems I need to run on it :?:. 4. I didn`t know you have the same system. But what karass told me about the motherboard burned there is reason why motherboard burned. That is my question onkarass :?: Mandrake-user :wink:
  3. karass Of course it`s worth to spend $130.00CDN not $30.00CND for installation and conf.,so I will go to the store and let them install my motherboard. Mandrake-user :lol: :wink:
  4. Ixthusdan your saying: You will need to purchase a scsi card in order to use your zip. The zip is a scsi-II. Mandrake is good at setting up scsi, so there should be no problem, once you have the additional card. But that you know zip drive is runing on mandrake 8.1 no problem at all before I couldn`t save file but now I`m an expert on that. Ixthusdan your saying: RAID is a hard drive array that can give you a faster system, better error recovery from storage, and longer lasting hardware. It is also more expensive to run correctly (you need additional hard drives) and it can give you a headache setting up. I usually only setup RAID on servers, rather than desktop machines. A friend told me to get that kind of motherboard so he know about it,that is a plus for me. You saying (you need additional hard drives) what do you try to tell me,I got 60gb few months ago is that good for my motherboard to run under raid. My HD is Maxtor 60GB 7200rbm ATA 133 you think is it good for RAID:?: . Mandrake-user :wink:
  5. Ixthusdan your saying the CMOS is used for clearing the CMOS, if you set a bios password and forget it, or you need to clear a bios level virus. WOL is used for "waking up" your computer when the network goes online. Power on Keyboard enables you to "wake up" the system with a key combo on your keyboard. The fan is a power connector for additional cooling. Power loss recovery enables an auto power on after an abrupt power failure Now the vcore voltage can be used to tweak your processor, but it is not necessary for function. None of these features are required for your build, and starting with the defaults is fine. So, no, you do not need to mess with any of these, unless any of these descriptions fit your situation. By the way, your board has ide & RAID, no scsi. So, if you tell me the exact brand and model of your zip, I will tell you how to install it. Ok. after you tell me I will save the file on my floppy disk in case I can`t get zip up and runing,so in future I can look up in my floppy disk. My Iomega 250 mb zip disk is a scsi. But one more thing: 1.Of course every one know that ide is. 2. does Raid to the same as the ide or what is raid,I know I should look up in my manual. I get Pioneer dvd 106 I thing is 106s OEM so no cable what ever and no software. My dvd has/got slot right and I told them nice about there should be with cable ,they told me no. I talk,talk untill they give 40 pin cable, for free. Mandrake-user :wink:
  6. Counterspy I can`t tell much if is a Onboard or card? ,because one person setup my zip drive and I`m 100% it is scsi because I use running under AMIGA PPC COMPUTER . Ok,Ok now I ask you how can I find out if is Onboard or card? :?: Ixthusdan but away I looked in my manual tell me I have on my motherboard jumpers on ,I will tell you which one it is ok. 1. jumper for CMOS 2. jumper for STR FUNCTION 3. jumper for POWER Loss Recovery 4. jumper for Keyboard Power-ON Function 5. jumper for CPU Vcore Adjustable 6. jumper for WOL I don`t know what is WOL 7. jumper for power fan You telling me and that motherboard have 7 jumper do I have to switch those jumper around or just let it alone :?: Mandrake-user :lol:
  7. Ixthusdan I`m talking installing Hardware ,labour they charge me $130.00 Canadian Dollars to install any Hardware. Well I tell you that motherboard EPOXwas number one many months ago and know we can get better then that one model # EP-8KTA3pro+and there is much better out there know,I just have the CPU TB1.3ghz only few months it was very cheap to get. I was waiting that the CPU came down with the prices,CPU retail Price for $120.00 tax incl. Canadian Dollars .That motherboard I get for $260.00 Canadian Dollars back at that time 16 to 18 months ago now mayby for not more then $100.00 Canadian Dollars. Now do you understand all those harware to install them if is CD-RW,DVD-ROM any hardware labour to install and reconfigure the price is $130.00 incl. tax Mandrake-user :lol: :wink: :P
  8. But so do people telling me that is good to go to and is cheap for $130.00 Canadian dollars.See the computer store is good and cheap,I know it is hard to find cheap price for good service,am I right or not :?:
  9. I can use a screwdriver of course and no one tell me about jumpers setting ,do I have to change those jumpers? One guy told me if I change those jumpers,I can burn the motherboard is that through? Ok of course it came with the manual on the motherboard is 1AGP,6PCI and 1 ISA lots with amd tb 1.3, 60gb HD and 10 gb HD,dvd-rom,cd-rw,sound card,ethernet card, nvidia geforce 2 mx 400 and 250 mb scsi zipdrive and the list goes on and on. :wink:
  10. DragonMage It work just fine but what I have problem sometime my mandrake 8.1 crashes and I did not install any software on MD 8.1. Well I can wait other 5 or 6 week before I install MD 9.0 ,in 2 weeks I will get AMD TB 1.3GHZ on my new system with pioneer 106 DVD-ROM. Mandrake-user :wink: :lol:
  11. DragonMage Where did you get the i686 iso? Well I can`t remember some where from the internet and before I download I read first before I get burned from the law. I play 100% save and never broke the law. I download so many stuff from linux site and ((pc site(like pcworld....)) :wink: Mandrake-user
  12. Hi!! I just phoned about 10 min. ago and ask how much I will puy for installing motherboard only $ 30.00 + taxes,not including sound and network card. The price with the sound,network and installing motherboard + cofigur. about130.00Canadian Dollar is that a bargain or not. :? Thank you for comment. Mandrake-user :wink:
  13. theYinYeti So it makes a big different,I understand now. Thank you for the info. Mandrake-user :wink:
  14. Hi !! Well I got i686.iso. So what make it different bet. i586.iso and i686.iso? :?: Thank you for your help :wink:
  15. Alberta ,Edmonton So you think all the precious digital pictures you have been saving on CD-ROM are safe? Think again. Expert agree,many CDs made with computer-equipped CD burners will not make it past five years. "Although CD-writing technology has matured,blank CD media is still unpredictable," says Susan Munro of Edmonton-based Mehco Inc.,a CD-ROM duplicating and replicating service. Munro`s attributes the short CD life to poor sealing of disk edges,allowing moisture and air to seep in and corrode the recorded digital information. Munro`s best advice for consumers who want to be sure of the quality of CD media they buy is stick with a good brand name and don`t worry about the higher prices.Blank CD cost from 40 cents to $1 each. But the fact is "stores and consumers have no way of knowing how good blank CDs are,"Munro says. "the best way a store knows is by the nuilurember of costumer complaining about one particular brand." Surprisingly.very few stores are aware of longevity issues with recordable CDs,but most say a 10-per-cent failure rate is acceptable. Computer professionals warn that digital information should not be kept on any medium for more than five years. That includes hard-drives,floppy drives and data tapes. "Almost nothing last forever,so the best way maximize the security of important infomation is to store it in as many different ways as possible,[i don`t understand maximize.........,what does he try to saying?," said Martin Parry,spokesman for hard-drive maker Maxtor.Depite hard-drive` low failure rate ,one should back up data,he says. It was on 30 October,2002 The province news-paper Any comment? :roll: :roll: :wink:
  16. In future if you get a new modem USROPOTICS it works very good,but a way I`m still newbie in linux. But the modem usrobotics I use I install the first time and get connected no problem. I recomment that kind of modem.It is just a litle help if you don`t mind.
  17. Well guys thank you for big help but I fund out that it doesn`t have a driver {SIS 900 10/100 Ethernet card} for mandrake linux so I will get REALLTEC 8139 set NIC it is only about $12 canadian dollar. Again thank you guys :wink: :D sincerely Mandrake-user
  18. pmpatrick Is it possible could you direct me which site can I down load the SIS 900 driver,I was looking around and couldn`t find it. Thank you be so kind and take extra minutes. Mandrake-user
  19. Hi! Does any one know if Mandrake 9.0 support SIS 900 10/100 Ethernet card :?: . Can anyone tell me please,I looked in the web site and could not find it :roll: Thnx for your help
  20. anon First firewall: Well if you see what is not supporting saying port 1- 2000 and the rest it supporting it. Ok,know Second firewall: Well if you see what is supporting saying port 1-2000 and the rest it will not supporting it. Ok,know I hope you understand me. So you or me will install both firewall if is getting along with out interference. I hope you are not :? know do you understand me:?: :) :D :wink:
  21. qeldroma It is only 50/50 it is free and can be better if you buy one is not good as the free one,in fact I know.
  22. Well guys I will thank you all for your answer I know ,I know I`m going sometimes banana with the coloring the text it is something different do you think so. Mandrake-user :D :D 8) :wink: :wink:
  23. MoonChild MoonChild-wrote: Thank you and all others for helping me. :wink:
  24. spiedra spiedra-wrote: Great then I will look for it. Thnx for your help :D :wink: :lol:
  25. spiedra If you are talking about the power cabe which is what I gather, then I am sure you can use any one. Unless for some strange reason Pioneer decides to make that proprietary. Yes spiedra am talking about power cable which I need for my Pioneer dvd-rom .Can I use any one (power cable?).[/i][/code]
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