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  1. Well thank`s everyone for talking and give everyone more info. about MD 10.0,so I will closed the chapter. :D Mandrake-user B)
  2. aRTee you`r post on your web page Is it possible to let us know when is the final MD 10.0 is out so some linux boy`s like me can down load it. Please and thank you for your time. Mandrake -user
  3. Any other news about MD 10.0. Well how is the testing,they fix the bug? B)
  4. Well how is the new MDK 10.0 version? and I know the MDK 10.0 is not right now stable but I know it got lots of new stuff on it. It should be faster then MDK 9.X?
  5. spinynorman That was very fast and thank you for your time Mandrake-User
  6. Can any-one of you tell where can I download Mandrake 10 beta version. I`ll be very thankful and for your big help. Mandrake-user
  7. I hear if we burn ad-aware software on a CD and left it for 5 years then the computer can`t read anymore is that correct? Well is some one can tell me about burning music,how long can I use it till is not good anymore. Tnx Mandrake-user B)
  8. You right that what I did with Win98,WinXP-Pro and MD9.1 it just worked perfect. Tnx md-user :D
  9. Well I`m not new but I just try from LinuxFormat DVD disc that came with Mandrake 9.1 it works everything plus installed WinXpPro & win 98 no problem. But next I will if MD 9.5 is out then I will install again with the same way. " 120 gb harddrive & 60 gb harddrive" Thank you Mandrake-user
  10. Well gentleman the DvD-rw vs dvd+rw one is faster then the other one is that right? Or which one is faster period?. Tnx for your extra time.... Mandrake-user :unsure:
  11. Could someone tell me please,what is the different DVD-RW & DVD+RW? Tnx Mandrake-user :unsure:
  12. Well I know Logitech make some great stuff . Tnx iphitus for your help.
  13. Well one person told that I don`t like to say MS Keyboard is very good,but other person told me there is a hidden tax on it it call`s MS-Tax.I don`t like to paying or support M$ it`s sucks. But someone can tell me is ther a very good Keyboard like the M$ one. Thanks Mandrake-user
  14. durvish you tell me What? which? version you are telling me,I don`t understand you could you more specific please. Thx durvish for your biiiiiig help. Regard mandrake-user
  15. I know,I know is there a easy way to install software on linux can anyone point me the right direction or is there a software that can install automatic :( Thx for your cooperation
  16. I was reading april lxf39 and it tells about all linux for cell phone to use ... Motorola finally decisively choosing linux and java to power its high-end personal communicators and for mobile phone sector that is good one step ahead. Ciao
  17. Anyone using cell phones with any linux goig into net. Ciao :D
  18. cannonfodder wrote: Haven't a clue, I installed my windows fonts and it all worked fine.. Might want to post a new topic on this problem so viewers who may know the answer gravitate toward it.. I did but no one has responded yet Well my exp. first back up all your stuff. 2nd. refomat your HD. 3rd. install windows..... 4th install Mandrake and use lilo then u should have no problem at all. That what I did many times and it works.If is not working on your computer then it is something with your hardware compa. It should work . Ciao :wink:
  19. Well I fund it thank you 4 your time. Ciao :D
  20. cannonfodder Well I will try later and let you know. :wink: Ciao
  21. ramfree17 My dvd is mnt under mnt/cdrom2 but I like to rename it to mnt/dvd is it possible Mandrake-user
  22. I lock on root,went to root all the way up to mnt and my dvd is on cdrom 2 and it is lock. So I try rename to DVD-ROM it couldn`t rename is there other way to unlock CDrom2 and rename it to DVD-rom,because I like to rename it so on my desktop will be not confused with CDROM and CDROM2 so I will know which is dvd or cd-rom. Thank you for your cooperation . Mandrake-user PS: I try from cdrom2 to rename it to DVD-ROM.
  23. Hi!! In one month for know I will using dial-up again and is there a software for mandrake 9.1 that we can install,that tells us if someome try to phone me,is there one without to let phone company know is there?. Thank you for your cooperation and extra time. :? Mandrake-user
  24. Hi!!! I use windows to burn MD 9.1 .ISO and it works just excellent.For now I will never go back to windows again. Mandrake 9.1 recognize all the hardware with no problem, but I have one question I hope you can look up in software forum and someone can help me there. I thank every one at past special long timer cannonfodder........? Tnx again Mandrake-user :wink:
  25. Well I hope I`m in right direction. My Q. is some one please can explain me how to burn iso on a cd-r and cd-rw. Tnx for everyone be so kind and helping me out. Ciao Mandrake-user
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