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  1. I installed Suse 10.0 OSS and it works very good and at the same time I update suse it still works every think plus it recogonizemy new LG CD-RW DRIVER . I can playing musik on and on it works. for SUSE. At the sametime when I install Suse,suse ask me do you like to update,I say yes it works fine. When I install Mandriva 2005 LE and ask to upgrade I say yes ,The answer it couldn`t do it ,I will see if Mandriva 2006 will update when I install from beginning. So far I`m more happy then with mandriva update . Best wishes for X-mas and a happy new year
  2. Tnx arctic I will never but my finger on cooker for sure.
  3. What is the difference of the Mandriva 2006 from the cooker,Mandriva 2006 from linuxformat.co.uk and from distrowatch mirrors?
  4. I looked at that OOo web pages is very good one I like it put there is for linux look up at http://www.hahaha.com
  5. Hi, Well can one or more off you can tell me please step by step to explain me to upgrade from Mandrake 9.0 - 2006?
  6. Wait I got for you and it will work 10000% n KsCD Click the "Extras" button and then select "Configure KsCD" from the menu that pops up. This opens a configuration window. Click on "CD Player" in the strip on the left of this window, then look towards the bottom of the window - you should see a section marked "CD-ROM Device". This contains a selector for which CD drive to use (if you have more than one) and below that a checkbox with the caption "Use direct digital playback". You need to tick this box if you do not have a separate audio cable between your CD player and your soundcard. That`s the one
  7. What`s all that rwsr-xr-x...? ( post #1) Is few people can give me hand please and tell what that tell me rwsr-xr-x....?. [moved from Everything Linux by spinynorman]
  8. One I tell you just reinstall it again,that`s all
  9. dsumedh tnx for the tips so I will not build my own laptop.
  10. Ok,ok right now I`m looking for a Compaq Presario R4000 notebook PC what you thing about that?.
  11. I browse for short time it is very good web page,but I will look into shortly. Tnx Mandriva-user
  12. It is easy for you but not for me,I will try :o Tnx artic for your help
  13. Can I find python, qt, gcc or whatever the app in start applications?
  14. Yes I have broadband conection and I use CDs to install goody stuff,I did already what you saying"Any way, click on the MCC (aka: Configure your computer) and go to the software section -> Install software. You can browse through the available packages quiteeasily there". Ok but I see a software I like it in http://www.distrowatch.com or other web page I like one software to download where should I direct to and how to install them in what directory. Ohhh I have lots of DVD or CD from LINUXFORMAT.CO.UK and how can I dowload? Where should I download? Do I have to make a new directory to install the software?
  15. I have a big problem in MANDRIVA 2005 edtion of couse to install software. Is one of you gentleman please have time to teach me how to install any software Tnx Mandriva-user :wacko:
  16. Before you get the laptop you should first ask around or any computer.
  17. Hi every one, yahoo I install Mandriva Linux Limited Edition 2005 and it works like a charm it recognize everything :woot_jump: . Ciao mandriva-user [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  18. No it is not ISP because right now I`m using winXpPro to go in internet and it is working very good,soooo it is Mandriva 2006 beta4 is the fold i`m sure some where lays in the software or hardware. I can`t find solution with thumb-thing the last answer is my friend he can help in no time and he told me it could be your BIOS. He toldme Bios comes with you motherboard and can`t do nada. One solution is suse 9.3 or wait and get 10.0. So I wait and get the suse 10.0,I know it will be out in october theres no time table. Thats ok if you find in other posting. Ciao mike
  19. Well I phoned ISP and talk to them it is Mandriva -linux has something to do because in winXP works fine or something else. In fact linux is 100% safer then winlose,so my frien told me to wait and get suse 10.0 version. Ciao Mandriva-user
  20. I just phoned my friend for few minutes ago,because internet will not stay longer then 1hr. He told me to get in October suse 10.0 so he told me it works with my system very well. Ciao mandriva-user
  21. Well I will ask them and find out now.
  22. I browsing may 30minutes after that is disconnect what should I do so I can be for hours and hours on internet with out be disconnect. Thise is the first time is happen to me that disconnect the internet connections. Ciao Mandriva-user
  23. Well it is not working hmmm? Ciao Mandriva-user
  24. That is what I`m looking for. I know that I have to go to Konsole to change that but how? Su............. :huh:
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