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  1. What do I need to do to recompile one module for a "desktop" kernel. I get an error that the result at present is not "desktop" and therefore incompatible with the rest of my modules (I only to recompile one in order to get a mac80211 module that will do master AP mode). HB
  2. I am using compiz out of the box 2007.0 with MDE KDE. But looks like i shouldn't both - looked nice but but not really productivity enhancing
  3. I have updated KDE and experience from time to time when using 3D effects that the top part of each window (with the minimise, maximise buttons etc) is not present and that applications are also not responding appropriately (no change of focus perhaps?) What sort of diagnostic info would be useful? HB
  4. Yes, sorry, not sure why I mentioned all this as it just added confusion. The HAL problems were last year with 2006, and are no longer an issue for me. HB
  5. Thanks so much. :D Your endless help encouraged me to relook at using MDE KDE, and I would like to be at 3.5.5. I have used it before but always seemed to have the odd dependency issue and sometimes the odd problem (I think I have mentioned HAL issues on these forums before). This time I went to urpmi smart-suite and it immediately says it needs to install all the KDE updates. My understanding was that smart would be used for the KDE update, so I expected smart-suite to 1 or 2 packages at most, not 93. Is there a dependency problem here already? HB
  6. Any thought of adding this great application to your library? hb
  7. In my experience you need to update rpmdrake to the MDE version and the problem is solved.
  8. Got 'em, thanks It's not quite working as expected - will look at the error messqages and see whether I need to come back to this forum HB
  9. Hi, I'm still hoping to get some reactions and am carrying on investigating. I read on some gentoo forums that ivman many be the way forward for loading usb storage devices and notices that mde has an rpm for that. I replace gnome volume manager with that, but wonder whether i should be diverting so far from my original mandrake set-up? I also read frequently about fstab-sync, but realise that that is not on my system (any more?). But i canot find an rpm that even contains it using rpmdrake. Help...........................!!!!! HB
  10. I have been using the MDE enhancements for sometime now but ever since I started I had problems with usb storage (a hardisk and a usb Stick). I started tracking down the errors today and realised that gnome-volume-maanger is not starting. First it could not find libraries.so.0 for dbus, dbus-glib and hal but after repairing the symlinks (no idea why they had got lost) I now get: symbol lookup error: gnome-volume-manager: undefined symbol: hal_initialize I have (lib)hal(1)- 0.5.7-12.mdk2006.0.mde installed and the rest is "mostly" a stock 2006.0 machine (I certainly have not deliberately played around with this sort of system stuff deliberately and still retain gnome-volume-manager-1.2.2-1mdk What has gone wrong? HB
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