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  1. oh yeah, one other thing. one problem i had was getting outside the firewall. if you go to /etc/shorewall and then i think the interfaces file, you then change local next to wlan0 to network (or whatever it is that eth0 is set to). then your firewall stays up and you can still get around.
  2. wireless config That was a link that i found incredibly useful as far as installing wireless. I got the source tarball at sourceforge. It works like a champ everytime. I too had to install the wireless tools. I then wrote a little script (which i run as root) that brings down eth0 brings up the wlan0 and then pulls an ip after setting essid, channel. i don't set those in my ifcfg-wlan0 file since i roam to different networks. i got this working on both my dwl-650 (which is a realtek 8180) and my wife's broadcom wireless (94306 or something like this) on her dell. ifup is your friend. :-)
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    more ram is never bad (unless its bad of course). its prolly actually a really great thing to learn on an old box since it would be really surprising if the hardware weren't supported. as far as patience goes, speed of the system isn't so bad either. have fun. :-)
  4. i have a wireless b card that is the dlink dwl-650 (can't remember the version) and it works great. my wife has a broadcom 94306 (or some combination of those numbers) and it also works well. it is a wireless g card. they both work easily enough under linux using the ndiswrapper. there's probably an easier way, but i set up scripts to run which set parameters i choose so i have more than one set of settings than what is default in the ifcfg-wlan0 file.
  5. frosterrj, you and i have the same wireless nic. it works well under linux. here's a good link that helped me out: http://www.linuxelectrons.com/article.php/20040507104718960 Hope this helps. It did for me. The ndiswrapper stuff can be found at sourceforge.net
  6. also...it locks the computer every time. whether i'm in X or not.
  7. So I have a similar problem. I have a Palm IIIc with the serial cradle. I can sync under Mandrake 10.0 with a serial cable, but not this cradle. I checked the cradle. First it works perfectly under Windows 2000 for me on the same machine, same physical serial connection. So I know that its not a hardware thing, but software. Also, since I've tried other distros on the same machine and they work, I know where my difficulties lie. But I've also tried this same configuration on other computers with older versions of Mandrake (9.1) to be exact. The set works. So I'm thinking it is Mandrake 10.0 not liking my computer or something. However I had the same problem with Mandrake 10.1. ONE time, after removing everything, and adding only necessities along the way that it needed did it work. As soon as I rebooted, I was back to the same situation. Any hints are appreciated as well.
  8. the source install was what i chose as well. pretty nice.
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