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  1. you forgot that its fast. thuper fast! when reinstalling a backup
  2. illogic-al

    Where's XFT?

    Pork, pork, pork... have thy years of training here taught you nothing. <sigh> xft, libfontconfig et-al are all here http://ftp.ibiblio.org/pub/Linux/distribut...drake/9.0/rpms/
  3. openoffice, kprinter, xpp and the list goes on but if you change it one on, the change does not carry over to the others. hope this helps
  4. i think in the updates they reported new Z11 drivers
  5. ide=nodma as an option at the installation? i don't know if that will actually work but it's worth a try.
  6. I like cdbakeoven. I use XCDroast more often because it's easier to find in rpm format (works well too).k3b I've got to try again. It didn't work well the last time I tried it. KOnCD is also something you could try just to see if it works for you. thnx for the link to the petition DOlson. You should put up a post in offtopic and encourage everyone here to go vote since the link's gonna go whenever you change you're sig.
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