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    Ok guys I tried this and is not Auto starting for me when i go into X. It runs normaly whenever I start it myself but I would like it to start when X does. Even the man pages for this don't help. I have got be be doing something thats just small and stupid. Maybe if someone running this in Mandrake 9.0 can just post their autostart file I can figure out what the heck I'm doing wrong.
  2. No I don't think thats stupid. First what have you done to try and change it? And second if they were really trying to get you to change to netscape why woould they ever update mozilla in the first place. Seams like a lot of work on their part just to get you to change.And third you can change it. Thats why Mozilla is part of the open source market. I would think that if you could find the icon(?) file that changes the cursor then you could find a way to change it to anything you want. Fourth, what about a different theme? You are even allowed to make those. And finally. Calm down man, its only a cursor.
  3. I'm using KDE and the controle center doesn't show the new xscreensaver app just the old KSS(?). If I turn on the KDE screensaver in the controle center I just get the same old plane ones I had before.
  4. Ok here goes. I've installed the xscreensaver files and they run quite well, when I tell them to. But I'm running Mandrake 9 and need to know what script to put were so that the darn thing runs everytime X starts. I've tried several variations of the instructions I found here but nothing has ever worked. I've put the script into the ~~/Auto directory and I've even tried the ~~/xinitrc directory but no luck. Please walk me though the script making prosses since I've never done anything like this before. I did get the Nvidia files installed and running fine though. Anything would be a help, thanks.
  5. Try adjusting 'Aumxi' If that doesn't work the OSS driver works well for that chipset. Just download and install.
  6. Try just diconecting any slave devices and setting the pins on the master cdrom to 'master no slave'. Maybe its just a problem with to many devices.
  7. Are you using DHCP to find your ip address each time you turn on the computer? Try setting the ip manualy and seeing if this speeds it up. Maybe its a delay in the IP giving the ip number back.
  8. Ac97 sounds like a VIA motherboard just like mine. Via has a ac97 rpm just for you to fix the sound. I use the OSS(?) sound driver and it works just fine
  9. Some mother boards have a problem like this. The ide chip set does not work well with linux and instead of running your hard drive at its maximum speed it drops it down to the slowest possible speed, 33 instead of 133 or 266. I don't know if this mother board has this same problem but mine did. My manufacturer had a linux download to fix the problem, your's might also.
  10. Have you tried Mandrake security single network firswall?
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