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  1. A bit late, but it works flawlessly for me with Crossover Games.
  2. Canola Media Center: http://www.techdrivein.com/2010/07/canola-media-center-works-surprisingly.html Or check the list of media centers: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/using-your-linux-computer-as-a-media-center-part-1/ Though it's 2 years old.
  3. Try XMBC. It's SDL based and can run on every OSs http://xbmc.org/ I can recommend this theme for it: http://xbmc.org/skins/aeon/ Note that mouse is disable in it, so it goes through remote control or keyboard.
  4. They have dis-continued the 64-bit version. Time for me to switch to gnash or may be html5 as I only uses it for youtube.
  5. The Xandros & Linspire is a good exampel of this. Xandros bought and stripped Linspire back in 2008. If Mandriva is going to keep on under new owner A LOT of things needs changes. Mandriva as it is now have several failures from poor management to total lack of PR department and communication.
  6. If they can find a buyer and if the buyer don't kill Mandriva.
  7. Now what? :unsure: The crises have been for many years (more or less), so this seems avoidable in the end.
  8. There's a special Bundle running at Wolfire dot com. Get 5 games and you choose how much you'll pay. You can also donate the money to charity or developers or split them between. The offer is only for 7 days. All the games runs natively in Linux. World of Goo - Aquaria - Gish - Lugaro - Penumbra: Overture www.wolfire.com
  9. Yep, due to group pressure by the people I play linux games with :P Switched a week ago and began to build game pkg for Arch. 13 pkgs so far :) Have a look, there might be something interesting: aur.archlinux.org. [moved from Talk-Talk by spinynorman]
  10. Osmos has been released today! www.hemispheregames.com
  11. Linux Fest Northwest 2010 http://lunduke.com/?p=1075
  12. Tried Songbird once, then removed it again. I prefer Amarok as a Music library/player/etc. When I need/use a simple player for music, VLC is doing a fine job. Whoa...It must be one of the few times I actually agrees with scarecrow :D
  13. Time for some future-retro 70's inspired wallpaper; click to enlarge
  14. The Game Packs have been updated. Version 2.00 101 new game icons + 7 new bonus icons Check the first post for full description.
  15. Time to releasing my game icon packs. Each pack contains 202 game icons + 11 bonus icons. The Bespin Game Packs fits well for thomas12777 (at kde-look.org) Bespin themes: http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Bespin?content=63928 The Kontrast Game Pack is made for Docks like; Daisy Plasmoid, kiba dock, etc. This is the first versions of the packs, but I'll release new versions with more icons in them. Note; I'll take requests but only for games that run natively in Linux. So no wine/cedega/dosbox/other games. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bespin Game Pack - Black Download Bespin Game Pack - White Download Kontrast Game Pack Download -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Screenshots: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game Icon List 0 a.d. 8 Kingdoms Achron Advanced Strategic Command Age of Conquest Aleph One Alien Arena Americas Army Aquaria Ardentryst Arkanoid: Space Ball Armagetron Advanced Assault Cube Astromenace Atomic Tanks Awesome Soccer Battle Tanks Billiards Blood Frontier Blob Wars: Metal Blob Solid Buggy Race Bullet Candy Perfect BZFlag Candy Cruncher Car Arena Caster 1+2 Celestia Chromium B.S.U. Cold War Conquest: Divide and Conquer Counter Strike 2D CreepSmash Cube Cute Knight Deluxe Dark Places Darwinia Deep Voyage DefCon DH Lore Dirk Dashing: Secret Agent! Dofus Dominions 1+2+3 Doom 3 Droid Assault Eschalon Book 1+2 F1 Spirit Fashion Cents Deluxe Fashion Cents Gents Fish Fillets - Next Generation FizzBall Flight Gear FreeCiv FreeCol FreeLords FretsOnFireX Frozen Bubbles GalCon Galcon Fusion GemRB Gish GL-117 Glest Grappling Hook H-Craft Championship Hacker Evolution Hammer of Thyrion HedgeWars Heroes of Newerth Hive Rise Hotei's Jewels: Relax Irukandji Jets'n'Guns Katawa Shoujo Knights & Merchants La Vida LGeneral Little Space Duo Lost Labyrinth Lunar Domination Lua Lua Lux Delux Machinarium Mad Skills Motocross Majesty Gold Martians v.s. Robots M.A.X. Reload Mechanical Tower Mega Mek MX Simulator Mystic Mine My Tribe Naev NetPanzer Neverball Neverwinter Nights Nexuiz Now Boarding oolite OpenArena OpenLieroX OpenTTD OpenTyrian Out of the Park Baseball Palomino Flight Simulator PlaneShift Plee The Bear Polynomial Postal 2 PoxNora Prey Privateer Gemini Gold Professor Fizzwizzle 1+2 Quake 1+2+3+4 Quake Live Quake Wars Racer Rain Slick 1+2 Regnum Online Resistance Force Rigs of Rods Road Fighter Runes of Avalon 1+2 Sacred Gold Sauerbraten Savage 1+2 Science Girls Scourge Second Life Secret Maryo Chronicles Shadowgounds 1+2 Simcity 3000 Simutrans Skulltag Smoking Guns Sokobano Space Ping Pong Match Spandex Force Spirited Heart Stellarium SuperTux Syntensity TA Spring Tasty Static TeeWorlds The Adventures of Rick Rocket The Amazing Brain Train The Attack of Mutant Fruits from Outer Space The Flower Shop The Goonies The Maze of Galious Those Funny Funguloids Tiny'n'Big TitanAttacks Toribash Tremulous TripleA True Combat Elite UT2003 UT2004 UFO2000 UFO Alien Invasion Ultratron Unknown Horizons Unreal Uplink Urban Terror VDrift Vega Strike Vendetta Online Warsow Warzone 2100 Waterstorm Wesnoth Widelands Wolfenstein World of Goo World of Padman Wormux X-Moto X-Plane X2 X3 Xonotic Yoda Soccer Yo Frankie Bonus Icons Arch Linux Cedega Dosbox Kubuntu Linux Nvidia Platinum Arts Sandbox PlayOnLinux Scummvm Typhon Wine Zsnes
  16. Well, he quoted me, when I wrote the reply :)
  17. Add ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports to the repositories.
  18. Very nice, upgraded yesterday ^_^ Time to change sig banner then :P
  19. Just want to mention a great game I played lately: http://machinarium.net/demo/ If you like puzzle adventure games (point'n'click), this game is worth the money. It cost $20 and you'll get full game + full mp3 DRM free music (19 tracks) of the game.
  20. It's Bespin SVN (icons, decoration, KDM, Splash) with milk mod. I'm only missing setting Bootsplash up. I made a guide for installation and how to get a Desktop to look exactly like mine: http://ubuntuevolution.wordpress.com/2010/01/07/nice-bespin-kde-4-desktop-part-1/ It have been approved by the Bespins Devs and use it for tutorial reference (w00t :)) Video I made of Bespin and KDE 4.4: http://ubuntuevolution.wordpress.com/2010/01/05/kde-4-4-with-bespin-theme-video/
  21. Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
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